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i'm so excited

I just placed an order for Aimee's cookbooks !!


I also bought a set for my WW buddy to as a bday gift! She's going to be so surprised

Re: i'm so excited

Great idea, Linda. I'm sure you will both love your cookbooks. What a great encouraging gift to give a weight-loss buddy.

Re: i'm so excited

I thought it would just be a great gift..and I've heard so many great things about her cookbooks! Especially that they're easy to follow! (which I'm not one to follow recipes b/c they always sound so confusing!)

Re: i'm so excited

I have both the books I got them even before I ventured onto these boards.

The books are a staple in my kitchen, in fact I'm having Aimee's chicken coronbleu tonite.
love it love it love it.!!!!

I rate the books a #10..