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HELP! I need fish

I am not a big fish lover at all. I have been able to keep down shell fish, tuna and salmon and that's about as far as I get, so getting fish in for the health benefits doesn't always happen for me.

That being said, I found a great Smart Ones out there for anyone w/ the same problem. It's called Tuna Noodle Gratin. I absolutely love that stuff. Not too fishy at all. Beware Healthy Choice's Salmon Dill meal they have though. I couldn't sell that thing on ebay, lol. Very fishy and not much fish. How weird is that.

If anyone would like to pitch in w/ some ideas outside of tuna salad, I'd love to hear em. Thanks.

Re: HELP! I need fish

Hey Ben,

have you ever had tilapia?? its a very light fish...and very good

Re: HELP! I need fish

I made tilipia tonight, since i work in a seafood dept at a grocery store and i dont eat any meat at all. I buy alot of fresh fish.

One 6 oz piece is 4 points

All i did was marinate a pound of it, for at least an hour in 1/4 cup of Ken's honey teriyaki ) 2points. Discard the marinade,spray another baking dish with Pam and place fish in,cover with foil.

Bake it for 15 mins at 450

Re: HELP! I need fish

Thanks. I'll give talapia a try. I appreciate the help.

Re: HELP! I need fish

Hey, Ben, let us know how you like the tilapia. It's our favourite fish . Light and not too fishy. Remember you can always use salsa (if you like it) to hide the fishy taste.

Re: HELP! I need fish

Tilapia, White Cod and Chilean Sea Bass are all great mild fish with slightly different texture! I have to agree second to salmon is Tilapia.

If you like salsa, try one with mango or papaya!
If you like teriyaki try making your own too!
A bit of brown sugar or brown splenda, ginger, soy and some green onion!
Try garlic powder and olive oil!
Try a honjey mustard dressing!

I eat salmon a lot! Love it and make if various ways.Sushi, pan fried, steamed various sauces.

Always eat one of your favorite veggies with it. So that you do not have a total bad experience! Sort of bittersweet!

Allow yourself a WW freindly snack or sweet afterward when you 'have to' eat fish but just don't feel up to it.

Hope this helps Ben!

Jean Cat

Re: HELP! I need fish

Make a sauce just for it! Dill or Italian with grilled veggies!

I love fish, but do not cook often. I do not like a fishy smell or taste, but rather mild ones. I love sauces try a Chinese or Japanese plum sauce too!


Re: HELP! I need fish

Thank you for all those great ideas Jeancat. I will try those other fish as well. I honestly will not be w/out sauce when I try any fish. I'm not that brave, lol.

Re: Re: HELP! I need fish

Can;t wait to hear your response and 'enjoyment'!

Love ya