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Can I join you?

Hi! I'm new to this board. I've been lurking around here for a few days, and I absolutely LOVE it! The site is so great!

I am a SAHM to 3 young kids, ages 3 and 1 yr old twins. I love staying home, but it's so easy to eat, eat, eat. I'm going on my 4th week of WW, and I love it. It's easy and keeps me in control.

Would love to get to know some of you better, and be of support to you all as well!

Re: Can I join you?

ah ha now I know what SAHM means LOL, when I first saw it a while ago on this site, I thought it meant Single American Hebrew Man LOL......

Sorry for my sick humor Jenna but let me say Welcome and thrilled you came and posted...

I also was Stay at home mom for each of my two children, and when they married I then became a stay at home Grandma... I have 3 grandaughters and two of them I had with me from the day they were born until they were 4 and 6 and started preschool and kindergarten, what a joy that was in my life,.

I remember going to WW with both girls with me, one in the carriage and the other one holding my hand, hopefully they didn't get my fat gene, although my daughter is very overweight, it saddens me to see that, but all I can be is a power of example and keep doing what I'm doing..

We all know what its like for somebody to tell us what to do, we just eat more... I know it happened to me, when I would put some not alot of weight on, my husband would just make a smart gesture, but I knew what he meant, and in the kitchen i would go and stuff a devil dog in my mouth.. dry, that shows me how nuts I was. I showed him didn't I..

Its not like that today, WW has become my life style..

So again Welcome to the boards, a lot of terrific kind caring people here, with a lot of encouragement and support...

Re: Can I join you?

Hi Jenna! Aren't the people here nice? I just love it here, too. Welcome to posting! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sue (in California)

Re: Can I join you?

Welcome, Jenna! Glad you've come out of "lurkdom".

Re: Can I join you?

Welcome, Jenna! Glad you could join us!

Re: Can I join you?

I'm new too, welcome.
Lorraine. Boca Raton Florida.

Welcome Lorraine and Jenna Re: Can I join you?

Welcome Lorraine and Jenna!

Glad to see you both as newcomers! May I suggest to get up to speed that you read 'addictions' if you hve not already. There is another thread that has what helps you stay on program (OP) but I have forgotten the thread name.

Looking forward to your input on your posts!


Re: Can I join you?

Thank you all very much!

I am thrilled to have found this board!

Re: Can I join you?

A BIG welcome to you both, Jenna and Lorraine..nice to have you aboard...Join in now and tell us what is happening with you...We are all here to support each other...