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On Program today Wed 5/2

I had a great food day yesterday and I plan on doing the same today, not the same food, I know we need Variety, if we do the same foods daily, our weight is not going to budge....

Our bodies get too use to the same thing, we need to give it a boost and or shock it....

I just might go on core today, a change of pace from flex...... For me I find thats a good shocker!!

I hope you all have a good sane day with food.

Re: On Program today Wed 5/2

I'm with you today Tobe. And let's all remember to get that water in, especially as the weather gets warmer and we sweat more. Or should I say "glisten"?

Re: On Program today Wed 5/2

Hi, I am with you guys re being OP and it feels so good, I wonder how I get so far off program sometimes. And I appreciate the reminder about the water. Have a great day...I am off to the gym before work. Maajida

Re: On Program today Wed 5/2

Today is my "light" day...

i'm drinking my green tea..then its water 'til 2pm!

i've worked out 4 days this week...and i'm on a roll!!

lets hope that scale shows it tonight!

Re: On Program today Wed 5/2

On Target!
Have to get to work, no time to type more.
Aren't you all lucky!

Love yas

Re: On Program today Wed 5/2

I'm OP. :) Might go play 9 holes of golf if the rain holds off later. It already sprinkled once. :(

Re: On Program today Wed 5/2

I usually shock my system by having a BINGE!!! probably not the best way huh?
Aimee we have to golf together some time! Love it!!
Been so busy with DD school stuff havent been since vacation though.

Re: On Program today Wed 5/2

I did a little shake-up today myself. I've been feeling hungrier lately for no apparent reason and after reviewing my food intake on mypyramidtracker.gov (great resource by the way) I realize I've been a little low on carbs. So this morning breakfast was a chocolate chip vegan muffin from Whole Foods instead of the usual oatmeal w/nuts.

Feel about a million times better today

Re: On Program today Wed 5/2

Oh Sandy, believe me... you wouldn't want to golf with me. I'm actually not very good at it, but I do enjoy it. We didn't get to go today because it just keeps looking it's going to rain, so we're going to see what the weather looks like early tomorrow morning.