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Do you go to meetings?

Good morning everyone!

I just started going to meetings 4 weeks ago. It feels good to me, and I know I need to go to stay motivated and on track. I LOVE my leader.

But this week I have to miss my meeting on Saturday morning, because I'm having surgery on Friday and I don't think I'll be up to it on Saturday.

Can we go to a different time/day? I have a monthly pass - it says "unlimited meetings", but I'm not exactly sure what that means. I hate to miss a weigh in this early in the game, KWIM?

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Do you go to meetings?

Yep I go to meetings. 2 weeks ago I couldn't weigh in at my normal location...so I looked online & found one in the town I'd be in the day before my normal weigh day ...and they accepted my monthly pass.

so if you can't make it on Saturday & you want to go a diff. day..maybe tomorrow or Fri. morning..just look online..and see if you can find a meeting

good luck!

Re: Do you go to meetings?

I did go to meetings but since Ive been going for 45 years (slight exaggeration) I was getting bored. So going on my own for the summer...well not totally on my own I have you guys!!! :)

A good leader is key, we have some BAD ones here and some boring ones. I have found 2 in my area I really really like though.

Re: Do you go to meetings?

I do it at home too. My leader retired, and the replacement is really, really boring. Plus, it's hard for me to make the scheduled times. I wish they had a meeting at 7AM, and then maybe I would rethink going. I believe the leader makes a really big difference.

Re: Do you go to meetings?

I agree about the leader! I went to meetings about 4 years ago, but only for a short while, then gave it up. Then I tried online only, and I think I could do that.... but I went to one meeting and was HOOKED! My leader is so great, and I look forward to my meeting every week!

Re: Do you go to meetings?

I go to a weekly meeting with the monthly pass. Anytime I can't make that meeting, I go at night to one that's about 40 minutes south of my meeting. As long as they take the pass, they'll take you no matter where you go.

Re: Do you go to meetings?

I wish I went to meetings. I think it would help me so much more with accountability, but meetings here are at least a 30 minute drive for me one way. Where we live it is very rural. So, I do it at home. that allows me flexibility with the plan. I know it is a big excuse of why I don't go, but I guess I really do have all the tools I need to make the plan work. I just have to "work the plan!"


Re: Do you go to meetings?

I drive 30 minutes each way to my meeting too, but if doing it at home works for you, I say go for it. :)

Re: Do you go to meetings?

You can also go to meetings 7 days a week if you choose to, as long as you pay for that one meeting you can go at anytime and anyplace..

The leader of the group i think is the most important person in that room, I have a great one, young who lost 80lbs and is so motivated that it rubs off on everyone that has any kind of encounter with her,

Some times shes not there, out of town visiting her family, and when I see her not there, I weigh in and leave... Shes a big part that I still go.
I'll at the stage of goal and lifetime that all I'm required to do is weigh in once a month, but I look forward weekly to that weigh in and sitting for a meeting, she takes her time, doesn't rush after a half hour, sometimes her meetings runs over an hour.
I would love to take her home with me.. LOL..

This time around i vowed no matter what I was going to meetings weekly, all the other times I would stop going when I hit goal, and I always gained some weight back... I'm doing it differently this time,. my way does NOT work, WW way does...

If your in the vicinity of meetings I highly suggest you go.... thats called going to any """lengths to lose weight"""....
Meeting Makers Make IT..

Re: Do you go to meetings?

I like my leader, but I wish I had one who allowed more exchange with the members input. The laughter and jokes can be almost controlled. I like it better when in addition to the WW topic that the leader asks us for input or does any one have a find to share or??? But she does allow it occasionally if she has time. The meeting runs 1/2 our and rarely overtime. I travel 30 minutes when I could go to one by my house just to go with my friend. I like this one leader and location tha tis about 20 minutes away, but my friend can not make the meeting. So sometimes I go to that one just to have a different take on the same topic. You wold be surprised how differently different leaders present the same topic!

When my leader is out of town I love her replacements. This one many lost over 200lbs and his wife lost a lot and they are both WW leader and staff. So cute! And he is funny too.

I hope one day to be a part time leader. I do not know if they hire part time or not. One day I will do staff member first. I hope!


Re: Do you go to meetings?

For me it is not only about the leader, but the women that I sit by each week. There is a group of us that I sit by every single week and I look forward to seeing them. These woman are my inspiration, because they have been doing this longer than me. I've only missed one meeting (I went on a different day) it was so weird I couldn't even stay.

Re: Do you go to meetings?

I agree that you really need a good leader to stay motivated and I think that the meetings are key...at least for me. I completely am with Wendi that, at least for me, it makes a difference as to the friends I am going with and the friends I've made at my WW meeting. If I were going each week by myself and sitting by myself...I'm not sure I would stick to it. It makes me more accountable. If you can find someone to go with or even make some new friends at your meeting I think it really helps.

Re: Do you go to meetings?

I don't like the meeting all that much. I like the accurate scales. Back when I first found out about WW they had another option and that was that you could weigh in once a month for $13.95. That really worked for me but since that is no longer an option I basicall go for the scales. Too much noise going on in the line when meetings are going on.