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Monthly Pass

My weight watcher meeting has decided to start doing the monthly pass for $39.95 a month. Before it would be 12 a week or the annual pass for $109.

Has anyone tried the monthly pass? Do you like it? I see that etools is included and I am really excited to start this. Does anyone else us it?

<3 brandie

Re: Monthly Pass

I have the monthly pass, and it's been great! They take it right from my account, so I never have to worry about paying at the meetings or anything. Plus I love having the online tools too! I think it's very well worth it, and makes it very easy for me.

Re: Monthly Pass

I have the monthly pass also and do like it. Makes it real easy and a motivator to attend the meetings. I don't think we were offered the annual pass though? Our area meetings are now only allowing 1/2 hour for weigh-in; which makes it hard at times. I almost will need to drive to a larger city to weigh in on nights that is a problem

Re: Monthly Pass

I've only belonged to WW for two weeks, but I started with the monthly pass with etools. I love it. I track all my points online -- I started out writing them down, but then just stopped doing that and relied on etools. I just go into the meetings, sign in, show my monthly pass and weigh in. No reminders, no need to pay each week or every ten weeks or whatever the other plans are. I actually didn't really think much about it, just signed up that way.


Re: Monthly Pass

I have the monthly pass and love it. I use to buy the 12 weeks worth of tickets to tear out each week and give them. Now I don't have to worry about anything other than making sure I replace my old card with the new one each month when it comes in the mail. I also would never pay for etools before. Now that it's free, I track my points online along with my weight.

Re: Monthly Pass

Is this pass something you purchase online or at the meeting? btw, i ate the cheesesteak for lunch today, yummy! thanks! oh, i also ordered the cookbook set yesterday, can't wait!

Re: Monthly Pass

I also used the monthly pass, you need to get the card at a WW meeting and then go online and register the number they gave you..

One drawback tho as you approach goal if your a life time member, it takes them forever to cancel the membership. I think I paid for two meetings when they should have been free..
So if your lifetime and are approaching that 2 lbs above goal, cancel it..
I should have gotten a refund for the meetings I didn't have to pay for, but that was out of the question.

For another 29.95 you can still get 3 mo of etools, but since I found Aimee's site, I find no need to go into the WW site at all...

Re: Re: Monthly Pass

I had tried the coupons, when I bought them they had an expiration date on them. NEVER again! I stopped going and NEVER got a refund, no one would let me use them. This was back in 2005. So I found the monthly pass a godsend. I am less apt to miss a meeting because of them. If I am running late it is not as bad, they all know me and that I have a pass. I sit down listen to the meeting and after the meeting I weigh in. NEVER with coupons or cash would that happen! Of course I do not run late each week, but a few times this year!

I also like the online except for the witches on the message board, who can be very mean, which is how I found this site. ( not all butr a few bad apples spoil the lot!)