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On Program today Thurs 5/3

We're into May and for sure it will be bathing suit time any minute, any day.

I just bought another new one Yesterday a DKNY
with rhinestones and in blk, my most favorite color for a bathing suit... I went down 2 sizes from last year, I'm now in a size 10... My work on myself all winter sure has paid off.

What a great feeling..

Today I will stay on program, and do today the same thing I did yesterday. with the exception of variety in the food dept..

Today I'm off early to get my puppy Jeni-Lin into the groomer for a bath, as her stitches after being spayed just came out on Monday, so shes due to smell good...

Hopefully this afternoon I can hop myself on the beach for an hr or two, and grab some rays...

Have a good day and eat smart!!!

Re: On Program today Thurs 5/3

woo hoo on the bathing suit Tobe!!!

I'm right w/you being OP today

my day is all planned out & journaled

then i'm off to the gym for some cardio after work

Re: On Program today Thurs 5/3

Woohoo! Tobe in a size 10 bathing suit! :) Awesome!

I'm OP today. As soon as the rain clouds pass in the next half hour or so, I'm going to play golf (I never made it there yesterday). I'm just going to a par 3 down the road, so it shouldn't take all day. lol!

Re: On Program today Thurs 5/3

I did good today too and I arent bikini ready yet..lol.. maybe a one peice right now but soon I'll be buying one I hope. I havent wore a bikini in probably 15 years in public ( got one for my jacuzzi..oh what a picture that was...lol)

Re: Re: On Program today Thurs 5/3

I am on program foods but portions ahve been a bit off. I tried to do better today and will again Friday.