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Am I fatter than that woman?

O.K. How many of you have asked that question while out in public with your S/O ? It must be my insecurity, because I ALWAYS ask when I see an overweight person, and now my husband isn't even surprised any more when I do. And of course, I'm usually careful to pick someone whom I know is larger than I am, so that I will be happy with his answer. Lame, huh?

Re: Am I fatter than that woman?

me me I asked myself that question when I'm on the beach and see a very heavy woman walk past me in a 2 pc bathing suit no less..

I don't think i would have the courage to ask someone, even a close friend is someone was fatter than me... I know what I looked like last summer, with that extra poundage on, and now I know where I am this year, thanks to WW, and the right way I'm eating now...
The work paid off all winter for this summers beach season,..

Re: Am I fatter than that woman?

I have always wondered when You see a report on the news about obesity or dieting and they show obvious over-weight people, usually their bellies or butt's. Do these people have a clue that a camera just took their pic to show all over America???

I would dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, if i ever seen me jiggling down the street, eating of course, an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen!

Re: Am I fatter than that woman?

I've done it many times and still do. I usually already know the answer, but I ask anyway. My boyfriend doesn't know what's good for him sometimes. He's been known to answer "no, I think she's a little smaller than you". I think I may need to let him walk home a few times. He'll get the hint. LOL!!!!!