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On Program today Friday 5/4

Well its the end of the week, and a weekend coming up.

You know what I heard once in a WW meeting,

A while back (a few yrs ago) I was going to a WW meeting near my daughters and the WI and meeting was on a Mon morning.
WW did a survey and they found people that go on Mon, have the greatest of losses, than any other day of the week,,
Because the Mon meeting people are real careful over the weekend, and don't have time to work it off, as you do, if you weigh in on Fri, ha, you have a weekend to kinda cheat as we call it...

I try to take a Sat and Sun just as any other day, and I don't give myself permission to kinda say I can splurge.

BBQ's are getting ready to roll around here now that spring has sprung and this season will be a challange for me, last yr I didn't care I was on a roll with food until Oct when I maxxed myself out, and went back to WW...

So today I am on Program 100%.......

Re: On Program today Friday 5/4

On Program here in California!
Jean Cat

Re: On Program today Friday 5/4

Glad to be semi-back on the message board - things have gotten better here now that my son is home from the hospital - still trying to play catch up.

I am OP 100% with you guys - TGIF!

Gotta run to son's school for yet another meeting but I will try and check back later.

BTW just had another yummy breakfast - 1 pt lite english muffin toasted spread with one laughing cow cheese wedge and topped with two slices oscar mayer center cut bacon all for 3 PTS. Really good.

Re: On Program today Friday 5/4

OP here in PA

Re: On Program today Friday 5/4

On program in Southern Ontario.