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a can of worms?

Here's a question for you. Have you ever thought that you really, really wanted to eat something but you didn't want to use your precious points for it? What if you just put it in your mouth, chewed without swallowing, swished it around a bit, then spit it out?I did it with a chocolate raisin cluster that was calling my name this past Easter. I enjoyed the chocolately taste and texture and smell, but didn't want the calories. Now I am NOT talking about bingeing and purging. That is very unhealthy and can cause all kinds of problems. But I remember hearing an interview with Julia Child (a famous chef) who was asked how she kept so slim while spending her life preparing food. She said that she often tasted things and spit them out, just like at wine tastings. What do you all think about this?

Re: a can of worms?

OMG Louanne
I haven'tdone that in years, A long time ago on WW I would pop a choc chip cookie in my mouth, chew it and spit it out.. My husband thought I was nuts, and another thing I've done was walk into a choc shop, take a sniff and walk out...

So what you did is sooooooo common, only a WW'er would understand it... LOL...........

And I agree its not bingeing and purging, its what I call just satifying that sweet tooth, without taking in the calories.... and staying on program. sure we can have it, but as you said why waste the points.

Re: a can of worms?

Hanging head and raising hand. LOL Been there and done that. I must say I never did it in front of anyone. It was a little weird, but satisfied my desire to just taste something! I don't think it is harmful in any way unless you do it all the time. Just my two cents.


Re: a can of worms?

OMG! I have done the same thing several times! I just want a taste, but don't want to use the points!

Re: a can of worms?

I've done it too. And while it feels nice to know it's not just me, it's unfortunately something very common among people with eating disorders. In many bulimics, it's one of the first symptons

That's why I'm grateful for this blog. Sometimes it's hard to walk the fine line between vigilant and just plain crazy. I'm glad we don't have to do it alone!

Re: a can of worms?

Hahahaha...I do that with chips...lick the seasoning off of them, and throw them out. DH thinks I am nuts too.

Now I eat the Quaker torillaz...yum.

Re: a can of worms?

OOOH! Julie, I could never spit chips out once they got past my lips, so I just don't even buy them.

Re: a can of worms?

If I can't enjoy the swallowing of it, it is not going in my mouth! Period!

Glad some of you can, but not me!
So I would rather find a low cal low point snack that cheat myself of the joy and experience of swallowing!

There is more than flavor or taste in eating:
texture, satisfaction of feeling that food 'hit' the wall of your stomach. A comfy feeling.

I have to say I am not interested in getting the cals from chewing some sugar cookie only to spit it out. YES some of th esugar will pass through the mucosal lining of your mouth and in the saliva the enzyme (ptyalin)will begin to digest/breakdown the starch and sugar in the cookie or bread immediately.
YOu will swallow that and the cals.