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What's for lunch today?

I'm having Michelina's lean gourmet mac & cheese (6pts), and a cup of cooked carrots (1pt)

then for my pm snack I'll have a mixed fruit cup (1pt)

Re: What's for lunch today?

I had canned salmon mixed with lite mayo, and some grapes. Need to drink a whole lot of water because of the sodium, but wanted those good omega fatty-acids.

Re: What's for lunch today?

My obsession with LC paninis has not been resolved yet, so I'm having one of those and a salad.

Supper is FF turkey dogs and a baked sweet potato with ICBINB spray. I have been looking forward to that all day! LOL


Re: What's for lunch today?

lunch today was a veggie burger w/soy cheese on a mini whole wheat pita and bag of veggie crisps

Re: What's for lunch today?

I had a grilled veggie boca burger with 2% pepperjack cheese mayo and a chuck of lettuce

3 points....
2 pt bar sweet and salty
1 cup cantelope 1 pt

and a big glass of green tea...

Re: Re: What's for lunch today?

Breakfast was 2 ounces of soy cheese with 20 red seedless grapes. I counted this as 5 points

Snack/lunch was anorganic TJ banana and one TJ cranberry mango bran muffin for 5 points

Dinner will be a Mushroom Turkey burger with a baked yam and cinnamon.

I need fluids.


Re: What's for lunch today?

1 whole wheat thomas's square mini bagel 2 pts
spread with 1 T light cream cheese--------1 pt, then topped with
leftover grilled veggies.
1 cup of strawberries---1 pt

snack was
90 calorie dried fruit pouch--2 pts

Re: What's for lunch today?

I'm having a Michelina's Lean Gourmet beef pepper steak & rice meal (5pts) and a mixed fruit cup (1pt)

for pm snack I'll probably have a fiber one bar

Re: What's for lunch today?

I just had a grilled veggie Boca burger on a lite eng muffin with cheese 3 pt

Now as I'm sitting here I'm having my much addicted Vanilla smoothie with WW ameretto yogart and ice in it
2 pt..

Snack later will be 1 cup watermelon, 1 pt

Re: What's for lunch today?

Had a late breakfast, so not real hungry for lunch
Had for lunch,
Kashi TLC (Tasty Little Chewies) Cherry Dark Chocolate,granola bar------4 g fiber====2 pts
Dole Fruit Parfaits Apples & Carmel Creme==2pts

17 points left

Re: What's for lunch today?

Stir-fried veggies for my lunch today-Mushrooms, carrots, red pepper and onion, with very little salt. (Weigh -in tomorrow). I tasted one of the perogis I mada for my skinny husband and son. On Saturday I spent the afternoon teaching 8 ladies at my church how to make them. We had a blast, and the best part was I only had 1! In the old days I would easily polish off a dozen and look for more. I just realized that polish and Polish (which my husband is) are both spelled the same. LOL.

Re: What's for lunch today?

I made this awesome chicken salad, I mixed 1/2 c black beans, 2/3 c corn, chopped mild jalenenos, chopped cliantro, 1 T Italian dressing (I did not have reduced fat) I sliced a grilled chicken breast into thin strips and put on top of lettuce then put my bean/corn mix on top with a sliced tomato, it was so filling and good for 7.5 points :)

Re: What's for lunch today?

Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken Marinara (5pts) and breadstick from cafeteria (2 pts, no butter). Snack was Cocoa Via almonds (3). Then my dad calls and wants to go to the local steakhouse for dinner (!?!?!?! How many times have I told him, if you want to go out for dinner, call before I go to lunch!?!?! Oh well, I'll just get real creative with the 12 points remaining!)