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Green Tea "?"

Okay, I am going to incorporate green tea this week into my program since I've heard so many of you speak so highly of it. My question is, how much of it do you typically drink in a day? Do you drink the kind with or without caffiene?
Thanks for your help!

Re: Green Tea "?"

I don't normally don't go for any diet ideas as there are many someone is selling on internet, so one cannot believe it.

I started drinking green tea for other reason, but I am also trying to lose weight or at least not gain any as I have usually more than good appetite. After some time I realized that on days I drink lot of green tea I have much more energy and I am not hungry.

Green tea is great, but it is important that you get REAL thing not something overprocessed in supermarket (no teabags!). The best and interestingly least expensive you can get in any Chinese grocery store. They sell them in packages, not boxes. Use only lose leaves, not teabags as bags are not good quality. And of course in its' natural state, not processed when they remove coffein.

After many months I am really convinced that it works for me. First thing in the morning I make BIG pot (bigger the better) of tea and start drinking it. It gives me boost of energy and sometimes I have to remind myself that it is time for lunch. However, you have to aim to finish it before noon. It is important because if you don't you will be hyper all night. That is why you have to start first thing in the morning. If you finish your pot of tea sooner, then add boiling water to same tea. Good thing is that at the same time you are taking your liquids for the day without even thinking about it.
Good luck.

Re: Green Tea "?"

it works for me, as Megan said, not tooo hungry and a lot of energy, and to top it all off, it is a fat and calorie burner,.

I drink at least 4 1.9 bottles a day, sometimes less, sometimes more depending on my activity..

I buy the already made.. the best I found is TJ's brand
Green and White tea unsweetened with a hint of mint,

I also use Lipton Citrus, but that has some sodium in it, so I watch that intake...

It has showed results on the scale,

Re: Green Tea "?"

Thanks Tobe and Magan. I appreciate you both responding! I certainly hope it does help with the energy as I have been feeling dragged down. I get up and work-out in the morning and by noon time I am ready for a good long nap!

Re: Re: Green Tea "?"

I am caffeine sensitive . Starting in the morning will not make a bit of difference for 'me'. So I only drink any real tea on Friday or Sats when I can sleep in because I will be up all night, sometimes two, no matter when I drank it.

I do drink the hot Celestial decaf with mint in tea bags and I purchased OOLONG (WULONG) from China recently as well. This is another tea that is non-caffeine free and I must be careful with.

I too have found when I drink green caffeinated tea that I am so stimulated that I have a 'fake' energy and not thinking of food (as much). It is not as a nervous stimulation as coffee, but rather a more even keel 'up' feeling