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Another new to me find!

I am not sure if this has been posted about or not but thought I would share! I found a great website today called sparkpeople.com it is a free dieting website. There is all kinds of stuff on there, but the main thing that I found particularly interesting is that you can enter your own personal recipe information and it will give you the nutrition facts! This would make it easy to figure points especially if you are not a WW etools member or if you do not have a program like master cook. I am an etools member but am thinking of cancelling my membership. They have made too many changes to the website and not for the good, in my own humble opinion. Anyway, I thought I'd share my new find. It is completely free to be a member!
Happy weekend to all!

Re: Another new to me find!

Thanks, Tammy..I will ck it out tomorrow night...


Re: Another new to me find!

Hey Tammy!

I found SparkPeople a few weeks ago, as I was hunting the internet for information about something, don't remember what right now. You have to sign up for access to all their information, but, it's free, and well worth doing!

Once signed up, you have tons of really helpful and motivating information at your fingertips. Tons of good stuff on fitness and exercise, tips for healthy eating, articles that are informative AND interesting. I haven't bothered checking out their 'diet', although what I've read let's me know its nutritionally as sound as sound can be. But, I've got the 'food' thing well under control with WW, thank you very much, lol. I just crave INFO, and SparkPeople is full of that!

I add my recommendation. It is a really helpful place. I get their daily emails, and I always check them out. Part of my daily routine now.



Re: Another new to me find!

Thanks, Tammy- going to check it out later today.

Re: Another new to me find!

I too will check it out!
If yo are really craving informaton and If you have not checked out JeanCats Favorites #5 from LAST weekend then DO IT! Found LOTS of info and Video shorts and gave the internet addys too!

I am an information HOUND!