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Chew on This

Did you know that slowing your pace of eating may make it easier for you to lose weight? Our bodies are like fined tuned engines and come fully equipped with an internal signaling system that tells us when we have had enough food. However, we do not always hear (or listen to) the satiety cues. How does this signaling system work? The process starts when the stomach walls stretch to accommodate the volume of food consumed and the stomach muscles contract to mechanically digest the food. The activity occurring in the stomach sends a signal to the brain that helps you begin to feel full. As food travels through the digestive system nerve regulators and hormones continue to send signals to the brain about satiety. Most experts believe this internal signaling system takes about twenty minutes. So, the bottom line is…. if you slow down your eating you will be more likely to appreciate the sensory attributes of your foods, feel more satisfied and possibly help control your weight. Keep in mind that low fat, high fiber diets that include ample high - water content foods such as fruits and vegetables tend to have a lower caloric density. These foods encourage you to eat more slowly and require more chewing. Just for fun, time yourself the next time you sit down for a meal. If you are finishing your meal in less than 20 minutes, you need to slow down. And there is no better way to slow down your eating then chew more!

Re: Chew on This


This is very good information. There is also a lag time, between putting the food in the stomach and our conscious brain getting the message. Part of that problem is, like you say, we just eat too darned fast! Slowing down and, like you say, chewing MORE, would allow the time needed to get that message processed! It would give our 'satisfaction' sense a chance to be heard!


Re: Chew on This

I remember when I was a new WW'er my very first time around,
That was suggested eat slow take 20min and if your still not done after that time, push the plate away,
another good tip is
use a small dish, not dinner size, and also use a small fork, ie: shrimp cocktail type, and if your right handed, switch use your left, and visa versa, that will slow you down.

Another good tip and I did it when my kids were real small,

fill your sink up with sudsy water, and if the kids don't finish whats on their dish, have the kids if they're big enough to put their own plate in the sudsy water, including the food, so we as the garbage disposals don't eat it..

I've used that method over the years, these are some of the things I never forgot,which goes back to 30 yrs ago...
They work.................

Re: Chew on This

Thanks, Akus for taking the time to write this all out for us. I've always heard that we should wait 20 minutes and eat slower, but never had it explained so well. I always use a smaller plate now, and I try to eat sitting down. It's amazing how much one can eat standing at the kitchen sink.

Re: Chew on This

Very good info Akus! I'm actually one of the world's slowest eaters. LOL! Well, I don't know if I can claim that title, but I'm always the last one sitting at the table still with half of my food left when everyone else is finished. Could be cause I do all the talking. They eat and listen while I talk.