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On Program today SAt 5/5

OK so its Saturday, and I'm treating today as if it were any other ordinary day.

I had a great time last nite, dinner was great, all WW style, using Aimee's receipe and it fit right in to my program.

And nobody was aware, ha they didn't gain any weight eating dinner here..

It was a late nite for me, and my puppy got me up usual time, 5:30 AM
Today looks like a beach day here, so I'm taking myself there, and I'll take a good nap in the sun.

The water is still in the 50's and brrrrrrrrr cold!!
good for the dolphins but not for me not yet anyway.

Have a good on Program day, I plan to.

Re: On Program today SAt 5/5

Green Tea up the KAZU (what ever that means) all week. I hope this did the trick!
I will be weighing in soon. Report late tonight.
After the WW meeting I will be going to "Fortune cookie" A vegetarian/low fat Chinese Resturant that has WW points!

Jean CaT

Re: On Program today SAt 5/5

I AM ON Program today!


Re: On Program today SAt 5/5

I'm OP. Been out of the house most of the day, but I'm home now. :) I've got dinner in the oven now (chicken breasts and potatoes sprinkled with some Hickory BBQ wing seasoning). After dinner I'm going to clean out the fridge and freezer, then hopefully I'll have some time to get back on the computer.

Re: On Program today SAt 5/5

oh yeah I was OP today..even though I was out all day 'til 6pm tonight!

and I still have pts left for some 94% ff popcorn