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Good day for a picnic

Let's pretend we're going to the beach with Tobe today for a pot luck picnic. I'll bring a nice big bean salad, with fresh green and yellow beans, lots of chick-peas, red and black beans and slices of Vidalia onions and oranges, all marinated (since yesterday of course). And for dessert, Aimee's yummy pineapple angel food cake- so save 3 points for dessert.LOL What are YOU bringing?

Re: Good day for a picnic

MY Body!!!! LOL.............

Re: Good day for a picnic

Hey Lou Anne, you bringing some of that for everyone? LOL! I'll bring a big jug of crystal light, some 2 point ham and turkey sandwiches and fat free pringles for everyone. I'll bring the cheese and condiments on the side (hey, I don't get fancy for picnics). I just hope nobody gets sand in the salad. LOL!

Re: Good day for a picnic

sounds like fun!

i'll bring a baked tostitos & salsa

Re: Good day for a picnic

I am sooooooooooo full

thanks for the company and food today on the beach.

My friends all enjoyed the company also...

It was glorious there, full hot sun, and warm sand.