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You've got to move it to lose it!

Yeppers, it's your friendly pain in the hiney! It is time to get up and move everyone! I'm having my am coffee and breakfast and then it's off to the gym for me! Get it done and out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of the day!
Have an excellent workout!

Re: You've got to move it to lose it!

OK OK I"m going to move it cause you said so.. LOL..

I'm heading to the beach to get in some good vigorous walking this morning, after the walk, I plan on laying down and soak up the Rays...

Perfect day.................

Re: You've got to move it to lose it!

I hit a bucket of golf balls today. Does that count? I even stayed and kept hitting after it started to rain. LOL!

Re: You've got to move it to lose it!

Today Sat 5-5-07 my wt change was ZERO = 0!!!

I was on program foods all week, but I am eating a bit more in portion or not counting the points well enough.

It is possible that I need to adjust my points also (redo the quiz because I have left the '70's and am in the high '60's ).

I did increase my fluid intake with green tea.

But I still am not exercising. I have not found the motivation since walking is the only thing I can do right now with bad knees and an abdominal/incisional hernia. I have little time to walk in daylight and do not own a treadmil which I hate any way.

Being on program is not only about food. It is also about moving, portion control etc. Intellectually I KNOW this. Emotionally I have been a CHILD and fighting this.

Today I finally realized that I have to move. I love the title of this THREAD! Thank you TAMMY!

I spoke to my WW buddy and we are going to try to walk at midnight on Wed, Thurs and Frid nights about 2 miles per night. We will start this week!

Will update you all.

Love yas

Re: You've got to move it to lose it!

I wish I lived near you. I'd walk with you. Walking at midnight sounds like my kind of thing. :) When I lived in Xenia, I use to go out and walk a lot after midnight since it was cooler and quieter at that time of night (of course I took the ex hubby with me for safety reasons). :)

Re: You've got to move it to lose it!

Well we are going to give it a try.
Will report next week.

Love J