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Hello everyone!
Well, a brand new Applebee's is about to open in my area. They are doing their staff training and someone came into my hubby's Marine Corps recruiting office and invited everyone for a free meal today! My hubby put her hubby into the Corps and she said that she is grateful for how well my hubby treated them both. Since they are doing training they have the employees invite people to eat for free.
Anyway, I just wanted to know if any of you have eaten from their WW menu, what you ordered and what you thought of it. I have eaten a few things, but would like more imput from everyone else.

Re: Applebee's???

Thats a great place to stay on program.

I usually order their Portabella Mushroom chicken sandwich very good and only 7 points

the appetizer Mexican Quesadillas are terrific, 10 pts
I usually split that with a friend

lunch there for me is usually 12 points....

They also have grilled shrimp/steak on skewers thats good too.....
Check out their Web site, its all listed there.

Alot of my friends order the Talipia, but I'm not a fish eater, not at all, and ha, I live at the shore where every restaurant is seafood/fish...THats what attracts people here.. I'll do shrimp but thats it.

Re: Applebee's???

I've eaten the grilled shrimp and it was pretty good and I think I've also had the chocolate cake and it wasn't bad at all (notice how I almost "forgot" that!!)

Re: Applebee's???

I like the portabello chicken sandwhich also. But if the mushrooms are BLACK they have been over cooked. Make sure that they come kke the picture and can be recoginzed as mushrooms.

The french onion soup is GREAT for 3 points! I ask for 1/2 the cheese (it is the low fat cheese) I always get the salad and fat free dressing. GREAT! It comes with an egg, tomato, cheese and bacon bits on an oval platter (I take out the yolk, ask for 1/2 the amount of cheese and aask for the low fat cheese that is used on the soup and don't eat the real bacon bits). We go for the soup and salad mainly.

I prefer other resturants like the Elephant Bar, but this is a nice option and the cake is good (just small).

Go an dhave a GREAT experience! Tell us all about it!


Re: Applebee's???

I love the shrimp skewers! Yum! And I can't wait to try the portobelo chicken sandwich. I also love the onion soup! I always get that.


Re: Applebee's???

my hubby try to go there once a month on our "date" night...and we went last night!

last night I had the confetti chicken...very good!

my favorite would have to be the shrimp & steak skewers. I've had the "new cajun lime" tilapia, way too spicy for me!!

i've had the chocolate cake too...but for 4pts i'd rather save for something bigger & better at home! LOL