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New email addy!

Dear All,

I am getting so many notice of new and reply postings on this site (AIMEE's Adventures)in my private email account that I felt the need to get a specific email account just for this site.

My other account serves as my contact for buisness, private and also my two sites that I own and operate.

I NEVER thought when I checked out a link to Jenz and Hungry Girl 6 weeks ago, which sent me HERE, that I would be so hooked on THIS site! WHO knew? Therefore I did not anticipate the VOLUME of emails.

NOW I will be checking into the site, and TWO email addresses!

Just wanted you all to know that my newest posts will be from JeanCat1955@yahoo.com instead of rxjm2002@yahoo.com

HOWEVER until all the messages or threads of the older ones END I will be using BOTH email addys.

Thanks for your understanding in the interim.

Re: New email addy!

This is a test!


Re: Re: New email addy!

Okay the email is up and running and my 'trial' reply passed the test!