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going to have tacos for lunch..and have a ?

Ok, I'm going to be making tacos for lunch tomorrow..me & the fam.

I bought extra lean beef to make them and Kraft FF shredded cheddar cheese.

Here's my question:

I figured out the nutritional info. on the serving size (which is 2 shells, 1 3/4 taco sauce, 1 tbsp seasoning mix)...7pts

Prepared w/lean ground beef:

Calories 350
total fat 6g
fiber 2g

ok, I don't like the taco sauce..and I know that's an option..but instead would use the ff cheddar cheese (1/4 cup is 1pt)
would I just count that as 7pts w/the ff cheese in replacement of the eating it w/the taco sauce???

or would you count it as 8pts w/the ff cheese even though I'm not going to eat any of the taco sauce?

Re: going to have tacos for lunch..and have a ?

i thought taco sauce was 0 points for 1 T....
If you are not going to eat something why would you count the points?

I am confused..goes back to eating my cookie and drinking my soy chocolate milk.

Leaves a coupon for the breakfast cookie for Linda.

Enjoy the tacos Hon

Re: going to have tacos for lunch..and have a ?


This is what I got out of my WW starter wk 1 book, all the listings of the foods and points are in the back of the book...

1/2 cup lean chopped meat 2 pts 1 cup 4 pts

taco shells store bought serving size 2 small
2 1/4" diameter is 2 pts

1 tbsp sauce 0 pt

ff cheddar 1/4 cup 2 pts

if you use 1/2 cup meat 2 pts
2 small shells 2 pts
1/4 cup cheddar low fat 2 pts

that would be 6 pts

if you go with 1 cup chopped meat add another 2 pts

hope this helps you out...
enjoy your tacos....

Re: going to have tacos for lunch..and have a ?

thank you