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New WEEK WW WI Sun 5/6

Today starts a new Week for Weight Watchers.

Today's WI's are


Good Luck Patty

Re: New WEEK WW WI Sun 5/6

Wooo Hooo!!

This morning's weight was fabulous! I haven't been here in DECADES. Okay,

This morning I weigh 229.5,
Lost this past week, 4 pounds
For a grand total, so far, of 78 pounds gone, gone, gone!

Overall stats:

Guys, I have FOUND the answer! All I do is eat, and the weight MELTS away!


Re: New WEEK WW WI Sun 5/6


Fantastic on your loss this week and your total to date..

You go girl.!!!

Re: New WEEK WW WI Sun 5/6

wow pattyjo!!!

fabulous stats girl!!

Re: New WEEK WW WI Sun 5/6

Wow! Congratulations!!!! Tell us your secret.

Re: New WEEK WW WI Sun 5/6


I swear (even though I don't swear ) that, for me, the secret is the veggies. I mean, I eat a ton of food each day. I get ALL my necessary components in, although I make certain my choices are low/no fat as much as possible. I get my dairy, plenty of protein, good carbs, my fruit (love my bananas and my frozen berries), and a ton of VEGGIES. Those veggies keep me full and satisfied. There are SO MANY healthy, yet tasty, tangy way to fix them! I eat a HUGE garden salad most days, but I dress them with no fat vinegar based dressings. I have fallen in love with my marinated aritichoke heart salad. Those days, I eat the WHOLE recipe. I PILE the veggies onto my dinner plate, AND add them to my lunch, if I feel the need.

My daily Point range is 26-31. I aim for the low end, in order to have 3 or 4 'emergency' points for the evening hours. I have FREQUENTLY used those extra points, so I am NOT starving this weight off. It is just melting away. I have sooo much energy, and my mood and 'outlook' on just about everything in my life has done a TOTAL 180 from what it was 6 months ago. It's amazing to me!

I keep track of what I eat with my FitDay software, to make certain I'm getting a decent balance of nutrients, AND to be sure I'm getting enough fat it. I can't believe that's become an issue with me, lol, the getting ENOUGH fat. The foods I've come to love soooo much the past few months are so low in fat, I have to be sure the 'entrees' I add all those veggies to have a decent amount of the fat, so my daily total is decent. I aim for 20% fat. That's lower, I know, than many 'diet plans' want you to have, but I'm thriving on it!

Let's see, I get my water in each day, I drink the juice of one lemon each morning in some of that water. I ALSO, later on, in the afternoon, drink 2 TBSP of RAW UNFILTERED Apple Cider Vinegar in ANOTHER glass of that lovely water. I've started drinking a couple of cups of green tea each day, and will continue to do that. But,I still drink my coffee each morning, but without sugar or creamer, a former REALLY bad addiction of mine. I drink my diet pop, and don't worry at all about it, as it doesn't seem to affect my weight loss in anyway. I still use my salt shaker, though a lot less than before. But, as salt doesn't seem to be an issue with me, I don't worry about it as much as some have to. I am very fortunate there, I know.

Oh, and I have finally begun to get some kind of exercise in each day, even if it's only 10 to 15 minutes.

No one is more amazed than I am at how well I'm doing this time around. I think I've finally put all the good bits and pieces I've learned over the years TOGETHER, into a format that is JUST RIGHT, for pattyjo at least.


Re: New WEEK WW WI Sun 5/6

What a feeling! PattyJo your enthusiasm pours out of your postings. You go!! What an accomplishment.

Stands back and applauds