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ON Program today Sunday 5/6

Today starts a new week for WW...

I did over indulge last nite on some ice cream, but I did pull my WFP for it..
I know for sure I can't keep that stuff in the house, its too tempting. I won't do that again (wink)

Today and tomorrrow I'm keeping these days very lite, as I have the scale on TUes Morning....

Its a lil cool here this morning, and its going to remain the same during the day, so the beach looks like its out for me..
Thats ok, today will be catch up for Laundry, ack!!!

I'm on program today......

Re: ON Program today Sunday 5/6

OMG, I ate 2 smart ones cookie dough sundaes last night..yeah I had the pts for it, but still!! ugh, I'm going to have to keep just a limit of that good stuff here!!

Other than that, I'm OP today & plan on going for a walk this afternoon w/my daughter ...its chilly here today in PA...this week is suppose to really warm up

Re: ON Program today Sunday 5/6

It's chilly here too, but sunny. :) I ate a 3 point bagel around 3:00 this morning (I was catching up on Grey's Anatomy while I was laying in bed and I was starving). I thought I'd be up for sure this morning. I just felt swollen when I woke up, but when I stepped on the scale it said I was down a pound and a half since my Wed weigh in. I just hope it stays down between now and this Wed. I'm not ready to experience an official gain yet.

I can't buy the Smart Ones desserts anymore. I just can't be trusted around them. I did buy one of the cookie dough sundaes this week, but I split the box with Rick, so I didn't end up eating them both. I would have though if he hadn't been here. LOL!

Today I'll be taking pictures of the golf clubs Rick wants to put up for sale on Ebay, then I'm going to my parents for dinner and maybe a walk if my mom feels up to it (she's working today).

Hope everyone enjoys their day. Even you Tobe while you're doing the dreaded laundry. I'm supposed to be doing laundry today, but I think I'm going to avoid it like the plague and just mellow for a couple of hours after I finish the pictures. (BTW, I'm getting the progress chart updated now. If you check it later and see anything missing, please let me know). Thanks!

Re: Re: ON Program today Sunday 5/6

ManI could have sworn that I posted her today that I was on program and would be celebrating mom's birthday at the nursing home.
I must be going nuts!
(waiting for Aimees's clever remark here!:).

Any way I am on program.