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Edy's fruit bars

I bought a box of the strawberry ones...(1pt each) and they're soooooo good!

I also bought a box of the grape ones..(2pts), but I haven't tried them yet.

Re: Edy's fruit bars

BTW, they're ice cream fruit bars...

Re: Edy's fruit bars

Yum! Sounds good! Are they the skinny type bars? Are there pieces of fruit or is it more like a popsicle type?

Re: Edy's fruit bars

Hey Aimee!

They're Edy's fruit bars made w/real fruit...they're normal size..not those skinny bars (yeah!), and chunks of real strawberry in it...VERY GOOD.

here's the info on them:

cal 80
fat 0
fiber 1

Re: Edy's fruit bars

Here I go again shopping.

I'm queen of the supermarket,

My girlfriend said to me, the amount of time I spend in the stores, I should become a pro shopper and get paid for it.. hmmmmmmm not a bad idea.

Re: Edy's fruit bars

Thanks Linda! That makes it sound even better. :)

Tobe, I'm right there with you. I'm at one grocery store or another at least once a day it seems. A few years ago when I was cooking even more than I do now, there were days where I'd hit 3 stores in just 1 afternoon. LOL! At least since they put this new Super Walmart in just 5 minutes down the street from me, I don't have to drive so far. :) Walmart is my favorite place to shop. I'm going to Wally World!!!! LOL!

Re: Edy's fruit bars

Can these count as a fruit?

Re: Edy's fruit bars

I don't think this can be counted as a fruit..

I wouldn't count it as such..

ANybody else have any ideas on this??????

Re: Edy's fruit bars

yeah I wouldn't count them as a fruit..I don't think there's enough fruit on the bar to count as a serving

Re: Edy's fruit bars

I think we have the Edy's fruit bars at our Sam's club... I'll have to ck on tues. when i work...