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Red Lobster help please

Can anyone tell me what the Pico de Gallo topping is for the baked potato at Red Lobster? Going there for supper tonight. Checked out their LITE HOUSE menu online because my WW dining out in Canada guide does not iclude them for some reason. Thanks . LouAnne

Re: Red Lobster help please

I just went into the Red Lobster Web site and heres what I found for you

Baked Potato with Pico de Gallo

Total Calories 185
Fat 2 g
Fiber 4.5

TOtal points 3

Enjoy it sounds good...........

Re: Red Lobster help please

Thyanks, Tobe, but my question is what IS pico de Gallo?

Re: Red Lobster help please

its some sort of substitute for sour cream, it should be good.

Ask the waitress whats it made up of when you get there..

Re: Re: Red Lobster help please

Pico de Gallo is typically a FRESH salsa which consists of diced or minced cilantro, onions and tomatos and possibly jalpenos (a green chile pepper).

Some times there is a bit of salt, lemon juice and or oil added. ASK if there is oil added. Usually there is not. But it could be.

Typically Pico de Gallo is accompanies tacos de carnita, carnita platter, and salad with guacamole and quesadillas here in California.

In most cases it would have 0 points (if no oil)
There is no sourcream in it, unless the resturant adds it for their specific recipe. Your potato may have sour cream and you would have to count that as extra points.


Re: Red Lobster help please

Thanks, Ladies. Sounds good.