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WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

Dear All,

I thought it would be interesting if I posted what was discussed at the END of the week, whenever I could. I get weighed in on Saturday and I am in Ca so my posting would go on AFTER any of you have attended the meeting. I don't want to spoil anyone's surprises at their meeting. So it is important that no one post the meeting topic before we all get a chance to go to our meetings. In addition, revisiting the meeting topic during the week after can not hurt us. I am not sure if the topics are the SAME for each state, area etc. But I felt it could not hurt. If your topic was different please feel free to post it too.

I also felt it would be good to continue the topic with other/your input. So if you have any or learned something in addition to this information please feel free to add your comments.

If you do not wish to read these topics or know them especially if they do not follow your state's calander please do not read them. I will post this weeks topic in the next post.

Fair warning!


Re: WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

April 29, 07 to May 5, 07 Southern California:

Topic Changing the endings!

There were 5 steps in the meeting. I added my own directive making a Step 6! DO each STEP, not just read them! DO them!

Step I Do you KNOW the endings of these sayings, SAY them out loud as you read them:

A. You can lead a horse to water but …..

B. Don’t count all of your chickens BEFORE…….

C. Don’t change horses …….

D. Don’t bite the hand ….

E. A bird in the hand ….

Step II Now try to change the endings to them! Difficult isn’t it?

Write them down and then change the endings! Hard to do isn’t it! Do it any way!

Step III

This is what young 5 yr olds had to say when asked to complete the above:

A. You can lead a horse to water but ‘NOT TO THE ZOO’.

B. Don’t count all of your chickens before ‘YOU COOK THEM’.

C. Don’t change horses UNLESS ITS TIRED.

D. Don’t bite the hand THAT HIT YOU.

E. A bird in the hand MIGHT POOP ON YOUR HAND.

See next post for the rest of the steps!

Re: WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

Step IV: Write down the excuses YOU have been using, the ‘sayings’ or excuses that YOU have been using and repeating about yoru wt or wt loss or dieting for years. Here are a few that we came up with at our meeting and some that I added:

What about these:

1. I always get to a certain weight …..and then I can’t loose any more.

2. I have tried to loose weight …..‘blank’ times before it doesn’t work.

3. I eat too much when I have ……‘blank’ in the house.

4. I can not control my desire to eat…… when I am upset

5. I can not exercise because…… I don’t have the time.

6. I have to eat that because….great Aunt Tilda made it.

Step V - Now CHANGE the endings or reword the saying , excuse or phrase:

Here are my changes:

1. I will stay on program no matter what my wt is, I will pass that ‘certain wt number’ on the scale
2. I have tried to loose weight before, but THIS time I will, I AM. This time I will reach GOAL.
3. I eat too much when I have RED light target foods in the house. I will not eat them because I will not have them in my house.

4. I am learning to control my desire to eat when I am upset. I now review HALT Hunger, Anger, Lonely or Tired before I eat when I am upset.

5. I must make the time to exercise because…… “you can’t loose it unless you move it”.

6. “Aunt Tilda you out- did yourself again that was great.” I want to take another piece home. (lie lie lie….knowing that as soon as I get home I will pour salt on it and through it out! ). Any one have a better one than that? How about “Aunt Tilda I appreciate your XYZ looks great, but I just can’t have it, I am pre-diabetic and am not able to have that much sugar and fat. But I am sure ‘Teddy or Alice’ will eat my piece for me! I will miss it.”

Change the above to make your own endings and let us know what you come up with! Write your own excuses and share your new endings.

See next post fro more of this meeting's topic!

Re: WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

Step VI - JeanCats added step

These are Jeanetta’s (JeanCats) summarizing words, not the WW leaders:

“Now put into ACTION what you have done on paper. Do NOT use those excuses any more! USE your NEW Sayings with different endings. Make a NEW ENDING and GIVE YOURSELF A NEW BEGINNING!”.

Share with us how you will or plan to implement the changes. Share your road blocks, challenges and achievements with us.

Hope this helps just ONE person, if so it was worth my time in posting!

Love yas

Re: WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

My meeting last Tues was the same as yours.

Every WW meeting has the same theme weekly,all over the US... (Each leader gets a theme to follow)and I believe they go to one location to get propped.

Today is the beginning of a new WW week, its runs from Sun to Sat...

Re: Re: WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

The WW leaders attend company meetings and they also have an instructors booklet or manual on the varous topics to give them ideas for presentation and style.

I was not sure if the WW calander is the same in all states. I too thought so, but wondered.

Thanks for your input.

Re: WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

Do you tape record your meetings? or are you a very fast note taker? LOL! That's pretty good. It was like I was back at my meeting again. :) I think it would be cool if you could post the topic of the week each week (time allowing of course. I know you're busy). It helps those of us who weren't awake during our meeting (that would be me because I'm not a morning person) or for anyone who doesn't attend meetings, they could benefit as well. :) Great stuff! Thanks!

Re: Re: WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

I will post them as long as
A. I attend the meeting ( I rarely miss, but if I do I will let one of you know. The times I wuld miss are weekend get away or mom is sicker or emergency).
B. I might post on Sat or Sun, so give me a day to post.
C. I Plan to post when I post my wt loss/gain/same/NWI either Sat or Sun. but I prefer on Sat.

I agree with all your reasons!

I also think it is VERY good for us to review and revisit if the light bulb goes on AFTER we leave that week and before we get to our next week topic.

No Prob!

Re: Re: WW Topic for May 5, 07 Changing the Endings

Actually, I am a pretty good listener! And being a teacher helps to hang on to new stuff being taught.
But there are times I do take notes.
I also try to discuss it in my brain when I leave.

I have to admit there are times that I just zone out too!
I can recall going to meetings in my 20's, 30's and even 40's and wondering how this 'crap' would be applied in my life and what it all means when it comes to shovling food in my mouth. But the older I get, the more I learn that it sure as heck does have much to do with my 'elbow disease'.

So this time I decided I better pay attention!
I consider this a way of journaling!