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Jeancat re your response to the Beck's post

Hi Jeancat and everyone....I really appreciated the sharing of your experience where you talked about taking a plate of food to your usual eating place and munching some of it along the way...you also spoke about being relaxed and focused during your meals. You really hit on a big part of staying on program for me. I find that if I munch some of the food on my plate before I actually sit down, or if I am not relaxed or if I get interrupted part way through, that the same amount of food that usually satisfies me leaves me wanting wanting more. The more I've protected myself from this, the better I've done at staying on program. Thanks for mentioning this in the sharing of your experience. By the way, Jeancat or Aimee or anyone...I am still new to this wonderful site...is there any way to respond to specific posts rather than the whole posting thread? Just wondered. That's why I made this a separate post. Also I really appreciated and wanted to highlight how much your post helped me and didn't want this to get lost in the shuffle of other posts on the original thread. This is such a greatly supportive place. Maajida

Re: Jeancat re your response to the Beck's post

There is a "Reply" button near the bottom of the page. If you click that, you can respond to a message and have your message appear right under the message you're responding to. Hope I explained that clearly, my brain is a little fuzzy. LOL!

Re: Jeancat re your response to the Beck's post

Dearest Maajida,

I am very glad to know that what I have written in a post has helped you to verbalize what is so important in your being on program and what I believe is important to stay on program. I am very happy that you responded.

One never knows if others are reading the threads in detail, if they are helping others the same way that they have helped one'self or not. One can only assume that others are being helped by reading the SAME material that you are, but one never really knows.

One never knows if someone is reading what you have written and if it really makes a difference to any one else, or even if it makes sense to some one else, but one can only assume that it has.

For the most part writing/posting is something we do for ourselves, whether some one reads it, understands it or not! The action has helped the person who did the writing.

.....UNTIL some one reads something that HITS HOME and replies and further discusses in detail what is so important in what they have read.... ONLY THEN one can know that at least one other person needed to read what you have written! If just one person needed that message, besides you who wrote it, then it was worth your effort in writing.

YOU made it worth MY time! You made it hit home for me one more time. Thank you for letting me know that something I have written has helped you to help others by your displayed appreciation and by your time and efforts to discuss this 'mesage' and how it relates to you..

Just when I almost gave up on doing JeanCats Favorites (notices it has not been posted!)because no one (except Aimee) comments on them, I decided that it is for me that I do this and if it does not help some one on thread # 2 or #5 or #10 then it may help someone on thread # 100! ...and maybe never, but it will always help me to post it. It reminds me of all the choices I have on WW and in AMERICA, to stay on program and to stay healthy. It reminds me that I have no excuses, even if I try to use them. But I can not assume that because no one comments on the thread that some ONE person did not get help from it. NOT every one will comment LIKE you did, LIKE I do, LIKE Tobe or Aimee does. Some, many, nay, MOST are going to be silent! That is our nature: to hide!

THANK YOU Maajida! Thank you for proving me wrong! That some one out there just may be reading and needing what is being written ( by me or some one else). In so doing you have also reminded me that that person just might be a 'lurker' who does not comment, but needs that specific message any way.

You are very specidal to me!

With much appreciation to you!

Jeanetta (JeanCat)

Re: Jeancat re your response to the Beck's post

I get more inspiration from this site than the ww site because there are no people fooling around and trying to cheat their way to be skinny. I do read and I do post and I do appreciate so please keep it up.
I want this to be a lifelong commitment not just a get fast results diet.
One of the things that I read that I think about the most is dont do anthyhing on this diet you dont want to incorprate into your life for the rest of your life beacause if you dont learn from this you will gain it all back like I did before. i want to be healthy not just a smaller clothes size.

Re: Re: Jeancat re your response to the Beck's post

A GREAT Concept and Very well said:

"...don't do anything on this diet you that you don't want to incorporate into your life for the rest of your life, because if you don't learn from this you will gain it all back...."

Totally agree!

Can I apply that to exercise? (just kidding!).

But I am serious about this concept.