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Question for Aimee

Dear Aimee,

I changed my email from rxjm2002 to jeancat1955.

I thought all new emails would go only to jeancat1955, but I am getting replies to BOTH email addresses on all of my NEW posts with the jeancat1955 email address.

HOW can I eliminate any more messages going to rxjm2002???
Why are they still going there?
I am going to try this one change. I have changed the name from JeanCat55 which is associated with both email addresses to only JeanCat on this post which has the NEW email addy and hope that only the new email of jeancat1955 gets this post.

So in short this is a test and I will get back to you to let you know.


Re: Question for Aimee

Okay I am going to post this reply to see where it goes! This may be the key! Maybe anytime you use the same 'name' even if you change email addys it will go to both due to 'memory' and non-diferentiation.

here goes!

Re: Question for Aimee

Well that appears to have done the trick!!!
I will now reply to any reactivated posts with the name as JeanCat which will for sure go to the newest email addy.

The name JeanCat55 if officially retired!
Love yas

Re: Question for Aimee

I'm glad you were able to figure it out JeanCat, because honestly, I had no idea. :)

Re: Re: Question for Aimee

I will have to add that to the FAQ!