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Just Cuz - Shout Outs May 7, 2002

May 7, 2002
Just Cuz - Shout Outs

Good morning!

I was surfing some posts and I liked somethings that I read. I also found some names that I had not seen in a while. So I wanted to say HELLO to a few members, JUST CUZ!

A BIG 'Just Cuz' Shout Out to ALL of the following:

Brittany who posted back in October 2006 brittany0525@hotmail.com

Susan who posted in October 2006 susanadk@msn.com

Nancy G (Wisconsin) who posted in November 2006

Molly who has posted back in November (no email addy given)

Mo mmaney@twcny.rr.com and Nancala nancala@gmail.com who both posted in December 2006

Treigh who posted in December 2006 traycee00@msn.com

Andra Phillips who posted in January 2007 sweetdreams@burnetpc.net

Tricia who posted in February 2007 triciawebr@aol.com

Cntrygal julie.volkmar@farmersinsurance.com who posted in March 2007

Just cuz you inspired me!