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JeanCat's Mom's Birthday Party!

Well we held a small B-day party in her room to celebrate her 93rd birthday!
One month ago I expected to be burying her and memorializing her life, not celebrating her birthday and continued life.
I am so very blesssed!
I thank you all for helping me get through this time. She says thank you and HELLO to you all also.

My hubby got her some angels. Perfect gift! To put up on a shelf in the room.

I got her the blanket that was suggested. A bright Red one!

I put cream on her feet, so she got a bit pampered.

I bought each roomate ( there are 2) chicken breast dinners and mom and I had salmon (her gout was acting up) and hubby had steak from Black Angus... food was perfect.

I bought the So Delicious Soy Ice Cream, No Sugar Cool Whip, Low Fat Apricot Tea Cake and Fat Free Carmel topping. Each person got 1/12th of the cake, 1 tablespoonful of So Delicious Vanilla Cream with 1/2 tsp of Carmel topping and 1 tbsp of Cool Whip (except hubby that is thin and had multi doses of this stuff).

I gave each of 5 nurses/CNA the same treat too. Two of them came in independantly and remarked on the cake and the ice cream. One especially because she said the ice cream was not too sweet. The other on the cake how moist and different.
Both were from Trader Joes and the So Delicious is available in Stater Brothers market.

I also brought in a radio and played big band music. The roomies were fun and upbeat and very accepting of her. She is very lucky because a week ago one of the roomies was an alzheimer pt. We would not have been able to do anything if she were still there.

She was soooooooooooooooo happy.

Well I just wanted to update you.

If the Lord took mom tomorrow I know she has lived a very long, happy, healthy, spiritual, joyous life. And I am prepared (perparing). No one wants this to happen, but just as life happens to the new born, so does death happen to us all. To the aged, and others suddenly and in thier youth or prime.

I think my mom feels much as we all do: we get THIS one chance to say hello and goodbye, one more time. While she could live on for another year or 10 or more, no one really knows. So I am dancing like there is no tomorrow, spending my time with her as it is so precious to me.

I can not explain my gratitude to you Aimee, for being here when I needed you, this board, and the members.

I am in your debt.

Thank you to ALL who have prayed for her recovery, some of you I know are lurkers....thank you too!

"God works in mysterious ways" and this is a mystery to me. Being in the health field I see this case over and over again. Most do not get a reprieve like this.

Again I am very blessed. When the 'time' comes, I know I can face it a bit stronger than had I not found ALL of YOU!

Love to all,

Re: JeanCat's Mom's Birthday Party!

That was beautiful to read, I'm very close with my parents especially my mom. They came to live in the USA to be near me 12 years ago.

Re: JeanCat's Mom's Birthday Party!

Thank you.

I wish you all a great Mother's Day if you are a mother and to be with your own mother too!


Re: JeanCat's Mom's Birthday Party!

Oh that is such a wonderful thing to read this beautiful afternoon! I am so happy that your mom had a wonderful birthday and that you are so happy to have been able to spend the time with her.

Also, I noticed you got her the blanket that I mentioned. Red sounds like a beautiful color for her. Something bright and cherry! I wish we could have been there to see how happy you all were. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

I wanted to post yesterday morning for you to wish her a happy birthday from me and to give her a hug but my day was crazy yesterday. I didn't get to check the boards at all. Well, not at all. I glanced at the topics late last night but hubby was ready for bed and he can't sleep well until I am in bed so I didn't actually get to read the posts so I am catching up today!

Hugs to you!

Re: JeanCat's Mom's Birthday Party!

Sorry, I know I'm a little late, but I'm really glad you got to have such a fun and special time with your mom. Please wish her a happy birthday for me.

Re: Re: JeanCat's Mom's Birthday Party!

Its Never too late!
Thanks Aimee!

She may get to come homethis weekend. Not good as new, but we'll be glad to have her a bit longer.


Re: JeanCat's Mom's Birthday Party!

Hey JeanCat - I got here after your mom's health issue, so I really wasn't 100% sure what was going on. I've added you guys to my prayers - can never have too many of those, huh? I'm so glad you got to have a nice birthday party for her. My mom will be 81 in July and she's not doing so well anymore. She's still in TN and won't even consider coming to CA. I tried living there, but couldn't make it financially (CA bills on TN pay = disaster!) and Sophie's sisters (my husband's daughters from his 1st marriage) live in CA, so we decided to come back. It's been pretty hard leaving her there.

Here's hoping for many more happy birthdays for your mom!


Re: Re: JeanCat's Mom's Birthday Party!

My prayers with you too!
Mom had a heart attack about 7-10 days after I joined this site on April 2.
Every one here has been very suportive.

Thank you for your prayers.

I know it must be very hard to have left mom in TN.
Hopefully she has a good support system of friends.