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On Program today Monday 5/7

Its the crack of dawn here in NJ, and thanks to my 6 mo old puppy I'm up and bouncing.. LOL..

I was hoping to maybe spend some time on the beach today, but the ocean area is only going to be in the 60's where on the mainland its going to be so much warmer...
I guess with a sweatshire on I can still do it, just to be there and read a book...

Yesterday I had a perfect food day, no extras. And I'll do the same today, I have WW tomorrow morning, and hopefully looking to lose another .2 thats been the number for the last few weeks, but its better than a gain or staying the same...

3 more lbs and I'll have to go onto maintenance, which is taking in more points during the day, and just maintaining my current weight, If I stay on Flex or Core, I'll still lose, and I can't afford to take off any more weight.
Geesh I never thought I would be writing this, it took me like forever to get to goal....

Hey, if I hung in there this long, and achieved what i was doing, anyone can do this.....

I'm on program today, once again.....

Re: On Program today Monday 5/7

On program today too. I've been there for the last couple of weeks, but haven't been able to post due to lack of time (finals gah). I also had to cut back on my exercise time a bit (grudgingly believe it or not). So now I'm really stepping it back up.

I actually made it through my friend's birthday weekend without doing too bad. I had one piece of the cake I made, but it was planned for, and I actually managed to work it into my daily calorie allowance. I actually stuck to that one small piece rule even though everyone else was munching on it every chance they got. I'm actually really proud of myself.

Even after that piece of cake, I'm showing a loss this morning!

Re: On Program today Monday 5/7

I'm OP today...my day is all journaled & planned out! Weekend is over...and I dipped into my flex some this weekend..arghgh!! so hopefully it doesn't affect wi on Wed. night!

Re: On Program today Monday 5/7

How many weeks did it take you to get to goal. I figure for me maybe 6 mths. My bigger challenge is maintainance.

Re: On Program today Monday 5/7

I walked back into WW again!! on Oct 3 2006 with 23.8 to get off.

It took until Feb 27 2007 when I was a 2lbs over my goal, I'm lifetime so I had to get 2 lbs above goal or 2 lbs under goal not to pay for my meetings any longer.

Since Feb until now it took me almost 2 mo to lose 3 more lbs, it came off in dribs and drabs like .2 or .4 nothing higher than that..
But this time I didn't throw the towel in, I still want to get off another 3 lbs for my own personal goal and then I'll go and stay on maintenance..and the only way I'm going to stay at goal or below is by going to WW weekly and weigh in.
If I stop going, I know what happens, I've done this a gang of times, I don't have enough fingers on my two hands to count it.. LOL...

No more yoyoing for me..

Re: On Program today Monday 5/7

OP for me!
Best I can be!