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Picture of me..Lorraine

That pic of me is all I need to stop me eating..lol.. thats my biggest pic and when I get to goal I want it updated to the new me.. for now I'm gonna suffer and look at that one for inspiration.

I did very well so far and I'm trying to not eat carbs which for me is hard because I love them. I had granola (2 tablespoons) with strawberries and real no sugar added yogurt and a coffee. For luch I just had srimp cold with veg soup in a cup and a coffee. I'm having fruit this afternoon and for dinner I'm having a chicken sausage that has sundried tomatoes in it with basil (yum) and probably a baked potatoe broccolli carrotts and tonite a WW ice cream after work and maybe popcarn if I'm starving.
Thats my food day.

Re: Picture of me..Lorraine

You're doing awesome! And I'll be more than happy to update your picture for you whenever you want me to. :) You know us, we'll demand it when you get to goal anyway so we can see what all of your hard work looks like. LOL!