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Instant messaging me

My email is lorrainesonn@hotmail.com if you want to chat, I'm usually more able to chat later at nite after the kids are in bed. I also work 3 nites a week till 9pm. I tried the chat room but I cant get in.

I'm on ww 3 mths and lost 27 1bs. I'm a hairdresser in Boca Raton Florida, married 2 girls who are 8 and 10 this month. I'm English living in USA 18 years.

My other bigger thing than WW is I'm looking into getting Orthognathic surgery and Orthodontics to fix my bite.. thats kinda scary as they break your jaw and move it and fix it with plates and its all elective and I have to pay probably $12.000 or more to do it. I'm seeimg the surgeon for the first time on May 17. If I do this it will take 2 years in Orthodontics first. The bonuses are I'll have no pain in my jaw my tongue wont get bit when I sneeze, I will be able to eat with all my teeth, I'll be able to floss, I'll look a million dollars as my profile will change and the cracker is I may loose 201bs after surgery as you can eat for a month. (i'll figure a way..lol) The last part is not the reason for doing this honest.. I scared but for 20 years I've known to do this. After my kids got Orthodontics at 5 to fix their bones so they wont end up like me I feel jealous that I cant have a functioning jaw like everyone else.

Re: Instant messaging me

I sure wish you all the luck...I'm sure you will look like a brand new person...