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Ben, where are you??

Missing you and your posts and your blog. Hope you and yours are O.K. Hugs, LouAnne

Re: Ben, where are you??

Hey LouAnne. Thanks for missing me. I'm around. Had 2 games this past Saturday (little league) and Sunday had to go see the ex-inlaws so the kid's could visit. Today my dad what the VA thinks is epigastric pain associated w/ indigestion mixed w/ an anxiety attack when he thought he was having another heart attack. They're keeping him overnight for observation. I do plan on blogging tonight when i get home from my son's 6:30 game. Hope everyone is having an excellent week. I am down 1 pound so for the week, at 242.5, so I'm moving right along on program for Wednesday's weigh in. Wish me luck!! 230s here I come, I hope anyway.

Re: Ben, where are you??

Glad you're o.k. Ben. Praying for your Dad. No pressure for the blog, just knew you must have been very busy to miss. Hugs, LouAnne

Re: Ben, where are you??

Glad you are staying on program with everything you have going on..Keep up the good work., Ben..


Re: Ben, where are you??

Dear Ben,

I hope all is well with your dad. In my prayers.


Re: Ben, where are you??

Thanks for all your thoughts. Right now they think it's stomach related and went he felt the burning in his stomach he kind of had an anxiety attack thinking he was having another heart attack. The tests have ruled out a heart attack so far. He was kept overnight for observation and stomach medicine they gave him seemed to help, so I'll let you know what's going on when I know something. Thanks so much for all your support.

Re: Re: Ben, where are you??

Keeping you, your dad and family in my prayers!
Yes keep us posted when/as you can Ben.
I just want you to know that you inspired me to take another look at OA. Visited the site the other night.
Also I have been staying 'sane' during this stressful time with my mom, and I know you can and will too. BUT if you need the support you know you have it between your personal friendship with Aimee, Patty and the rest of us! :)

Love ya
Jeanetta (JeanCat)