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What's in your freezer?

I was wondering what everyone's favorite frozen meals were that were points friendly? I know I hate to try a new Lean Cuisine (LC) or other brand of frozen meal and take it home to really be disappointed ... and on the same token I do love finding new things that become new favs...so what are some of yours, mine include:

LC panninis 6 pts

LC flat bread pizza - bbq chicken and mushroom ones (can be high in points though so they are not a staple) I think they are 7-8 points

Smart Ones chicken sante fe 2 points (I cook and pour over salad greens and add ff sourcream and salsa for a low point sante fe salad) I eat this one ALOT because it is good, filling and most especially LOW in points

New find - Contessa frozen meal - comes in a bag - the two I tried Kung Pao Shrimp and Cashew Chicken each have three servings. They are 5 pts a serving. I added some extra free veggies when stir frying to bulk it up - but they come with sauce in seperate package and rice in seperate package so you can use as much of these (or as little) as you like. Even my DH liked these. I served the shrimp with a side of Vans chicken egg rolls (2 pts each) for a nice/easy chinese dinner the other night.

Lean pockets whole grain supreme pizzas - 4pts each - good with a side salad for lunch.

I hear the LC butternut squash ravioli is good - took a look in SWM and it was 7 pts so I didnt buy - heard it is good served on top of sauteed spinach.

I know this is not a MEAL (although I could make a meal of it I bought it today and will try tonight breyers double churned fat free vanilla ice cream - only 1 pt. per serving...I'm thinking some strawberries on top or maybe some PB2 heated up in the micro poured on top...let you know.

I bought Michelango's eggplant parm - 2 servings per carton at 3 pts each - whole thing 6 pts...I believe I have bought this before from Costco in a larger tray and it was pretty good - hoping this will be good too.

If I think of some more favorites I'll let you know.

Re: What's in your freezer?

In the beginning I used boxed foods, but they're all so loaded with Sodium, and get boring mighty quick.

Yes the LC Panini sandwiches are very good, but I can make my own, and they're better, with better ingredients.

I love to cook and play around with ingredients and come up with some pretty good nourishing, and lite meals..
I also have both of Aimee's cookbooks, it beats eating frozen foods...

I've tried them all , LC WW Healthy Choice, South Beach, Trader Joes, but still they don't beat home cooking.....

Re: What's in your freezer?

I have fish,shrimp and lots of veggies. FF Cool Whip, low point ice-cream treats.I use alot of BOCA and Morningstar products,but as a whole i dont use box foods, to expensive and i love to cook.They are convient i am sure, but i plan my meals, so when i come home i dont have to stand in front of the refrig with the door wide open,wondering what i am going to eat. Another reason i guess is because i am a vegeterian, LC and Healthy Choices and Smart Ones dont carry alot of variety when it comes to meatless meals.When i do buy something like that i like to buy things i know i have never made or never ate. The store i shop at and work at has WW Smart Ones on sale......6/$10. No clue if that is a good deal or not

Re: What's in your freezer?

Frozen veggies
Chicken breast
lean filet mignon, the kind that's 98%ff and only 3 pts, very good on the grill.
Perogies, great for lots of things. Most of the time I boil them and then saute some onions and mushrooms in ff butter spray and then combine them all together with some salt and pepper.
WW ice creams and frozen novelties
Edy's double churned no sugar added ice cream-2pts
Morning star veggie burgers in the black bean and corn variety and also the tomato and basil variety. The tomato basil one tastes a lot like eating pizza. Both are very tasty and only 2 pts for each patty.
Morning star spinach artichoke bites, 3 for 4 pts, very good.
McCains seasoned potatoes, the all american grill is our favorite variety. I think they are 2 or 3 pts for 3 ounces.
Sweet potato french fries, which I bake off in the freezer. I almost never fry food even if it is suppose to be fried, I'll bake it!
Thanks for starting this thread! Great idea! While I do enjoy cooking and know that it is best to cook your own food, we don't all always have the time to cook from scratch everyday so it is nice to have ideas for some go to foods that are points friendly. These ideas are especially good for lunch!

Re: What's in your freezer?

Here goes w/some of my frozen favs:

Stouffers: Stuffed Green Pepper = 5pts
Smart Ones: Chicken Parm. = 5 pts
Ravioli = 5 pts
Lean Cuisine: Macaroni w/beef and tomates = 5 pts
Paninis (All of them)
Turkey & Dressing w/apples = 5 pts
Michelena's(sp?): Bque chick w/cheesey mashed
potatoes = 6pts

I like to take these to work, because they are quick to grab in the a.m.

Re: What's in your freezer?

I LOVE to cook too - but there's not always time in my day (everyday) to do it - or I just need to have a single meal for myself for lunch in between running. That's when I like to have something in the freezer ready to go, so I don't feel tempted to Drive Thru.

Or sometimes when everyone else is eating real pizza or chinese food its nice to know I can too at a much lower points value.

Thanks for the good ideas - keep em coming.

Re: What's in your freezer?

Let's see here...

LC Spinach and Mushroom Paninis
LC Cheese Cannelloni
Smart Ones Lasagna Florentine
LC cheese ravioli
Original Vegan boca Burgers
Frozen precooked shrimp
Imitation crab meat
WW individual ice cream cups - cookie dough and fudge brownie
Smart Ones cookie dough sundae desserts
Breyers 100 calorie cookies and cream cups
South Beach Diet Breakfast wraps - haven't tried yet
Frozen boneless skinless chicken breast
Ground turkey burger
90% lean ground beef
Frozen veggies
Ore Ida Fries
LC Deep dish spinach and mushroom pizza
Lean gourmet Shrimp and Penne pasta

I think that's about it! I do use a fair amount of frozen meals for my lunch because I am here by myself. I always cook a good dinner, but with 5 of us and one being a preteen boy, there are rarely leftovers!


Re: What's in your freezer?

I used to eat those types of meals ALL the time for lunch at work, but moved on to other things for some reason...
These were my favorites when I did eat them:

Smart Ones:
Penne Pollo (6 Pts)
Chicken Parmesan (5 Pts)
Chicken Santa Fe (2 Pts)
Fire Grilled Chicken and Veggies (6 Pts)
Thai Style Chicken & Rice Noodles (5 Pts)

Healthy Choice:
Cheesy Chicken & Rice (4 Pts)
Sesame Chicken (4 Pts)**

Lean Cuisine:
Herb Roasted Chicken (3 Pts)
Chicken Chow Mein with Rice (4 Pts)
Chicken & Vegetables (4 Pts)
Alfredo Pasta with Chicken & Broccoli (5 Pts)
Angel Hair Pasta Marinara (5 Pts)
Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans (5 Pts)
Fiesta Grilled Chicken (5 Pts)
Shrimp & Angel Hair Pasta (5 Pts)
Chicken Parmesan (5 Pts)

Can you tell I like chicken?!?

I have to say, I have not been a fan of any of the pizzas. The crust always seemed too chewy to me. Also, I think it was a LC enchilada meal that I tried and couldn't finish because I thought it was awful. The tortillas and crust just don't seem to freeze well IMHO.