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Had a Bad Day!

We had food day at work today and Lord knows I love to eat, especially free catered food. My goal was to do well all this week and weight in on Friday or Sat.

Help Me
Help Me!

I have 3 or 4 more days to weigh in. HELP!

Re: Had a Bad Day!

Kelly- Just remember that tomorrow is a brand new day- clean slate, and get back on track for the rest of today. Don't just say "well I blew it already, I might as well go nuts." Start over now. And forgive yourself- we all go off the rails sometimes- especially with free catered food in front of us- it's our DRUG! and... Water, water, water to flush out the fat. Good luck. and (((HUGS))). LouAnne

Re: Had a Bad Day!

Kellysbell, we all been there done that. It's over now. So just for today, get through today. And that goal will be accomplished. Then set a goal for Tuesday, stay on Op and get some AP in. That goal will be met. Wednesday set the goal to drink all Your water, Thursday, set a goal to smile each time You want to cry.
I guess i am saying is....do mini goals.....one day, one hour at a time,if You have to.

I got up this morning and weighed myself, which is something i don't do daily. ANd it said i was down ,(205) i just said Yeah,right, though it was nice to see that #, i know those ## are always lower in the morning,but it is nice to see. Cause i believe i will see that same number sooner. Sooooooo i tried on a pair of jeans that didnt fit last month and YESSS, i can get into them. . I was strutting mystuff and feeling so sexy and slim, went to town to do a few errands. Came home ate a late breakfast( just fruit and veggie bites-total 5 points) and i again stepped on the scale.OHHHHHHHH MY GAWD it said i gained 5 lbs! Well, You know i took those pants off as fast as i could,like they were burning my skin. Still even pantless it said WARNING!!! 5 lbs gain. Well i even weighed the pants...........nada.zilch. So i put on a light pair of capri's....still the scale wont budge....I did nothing to gain, unless thoughts of food make one gain. So i went to the bathroom....with some less fluid the scale went down some.
So i popped on some sweat pants....by this time i had at least 4 clothes changes. LOL.

So kelly, just stay focused.stay OP and have a great week.

Re: Had a Bad Day!


Maybe you should think about taking your own food with you. For example, I LOVE sweets so if I am going somewhere that food is going to be served I try to take something sweet of my own with me. It's far better to use 2 pts on a chocolate fiber one bar than 7+ points on a peice of cake and the fiber one bar satisfies me. So what I am saying is try taking things that really satisfy you that are low points and see if it helps you to stay OP.
You CAN do this!