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A new find

Just a little somethign I found Saturday night at Meijers. I have been craving Taco Bell for a while now. The last time I ran my butt to a subway and downed a sub to stay on program. I didn't want to have those moments again, so I found these EL Monterey Bean N Cheese burritos. The are in the frozen section at Meijers. They come in a pack of 10. They're not huge, but 2 got me full and w/ the taco bell sauce I bought in the BBQ sauce aisle it killed my craving for the Bell. 4 points each and pretty good. Just thought I'd mention it for anyone in the same boat.

Re: A new find

Ben, Having been raised in Southern California I too have craved mexican food, Taco Bell in particular, but I went ahead and drove thru! I ordered one taco for 4 points and a medium diet coke. But the biggest taco fix I have is El Pollo Loco 'tacos el carbon' for 4 pts each per restaurant website nurt. info (or 3pts according to WW.com). The chicken comes wrapped in 2 corn tortillas. My hubby and I separate the tortillas and divide the chicken in half giving us 2 tacos for 4 pts. Also the salsa is free and we love the avacado salsa! Give it a try. They are yummy! The only bummer is that my hubby gets to order one more than me because he has more points!! Those men!

Re: A new find

Thanks, Ben..We have had those but it has been a long time...If I remember right, we liked them. I'll look for them the next time I'm at Meijer..Take care..


Re: A new find

Darn it, and I even drove past a Meijer today and forgot all about stopping in to get them. :( Maybe tomorrow.