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the Beck Diet Solution....Day #5

Eat Slowly and Mindfully...

There are two very beneficial reasons that it's important to always eat slowly and to pay attention to what you're eating..
. When you eat slowly, your brain has time to register that you're full.
. When you notice and enjoy every mouthful, you feel more satisfied when the food is gone.

They conducted at study at Louisisna State University with a group of overweight people. They gave them a lunch of chicken nuggets and timed how fast they ate.(this was done over several days). They used a series of beeps to tell everyone to take a bite. They ate by very slow beeps and very fast beeps..They could only take a bite when they heard the beep. The faster the beep the more it took for them to become full and stop eating. The slower the beeps, the faster they felt full and stopped eating, eating less food...The results were... all the participants ended up eating less whenever the beeps were slower...So, they feel like most overweight people, as a rule, probably have learned to eat fast. Maybe due to not enough time to eat, having to care for children and feed them, or maybe it's just a habit. Well, for today..we are going to sit at the table without any distractions, eat slowing, taking sips of water every couple of bites. Don't forget to put that fork or spoon down between every bite. Stop eating when you feel satisfied and BEFORE you feel stuffed...If you have small children, maybe you could feed them before you eat. We will all try to make this a conscious effort and before we know it..we have made it a good HABIT..

Re: the Beck Diet Solution....Day #5

Thank you Patty for Day # 5 post!

These are things I know from reading before, intuitively and being in and out of WW for so many years. So what I am trying to say is this: Knowledge is a small part of success, putting into ACTION what you know to be true is the best plan and will thwart the return to old habits.

My actions this week is: Slow down and always eat in a relaxed manner. I am almost there but I have to conquer this!

Re: the Beck Diet Solution....Day #5

Thanks, Patty, for taking the time to post these wonderful summaries each day! I really appreciate reading them and knowing that you put so much time into them!
Thanks again,

Re: the Beck Diet Solution....Day #5

This really makes one think. I know i have a bad habit of shoveling food in and next thing i know i look and wonder where all my food went,not realizing i ate it. And before WW, i would think, "Oh i didnt even taste that, so i would take another piece to make up for it'. If i consciously think of chewing and swallowing,BEFORE, i take another bite ,or putting my fork down,or taking sips of water, i do it. My DD eats faster then i do, so i work on me to show them, how to think thin!!

I still remember when i was young, my Father would take a bite of food and put down His fork, chew, swallow then pick the fork up again.