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Our Wt Loss!

Last Week WE lost a total of 32.6
This is a grand total of
Total 819.8 lbs

Great job everyone!

There is probably even MORE wt loss among us but some are lurking and don't post their wt loss.

Love to all
Have a great Week beginning May 6, 2007


Re: Our Wt Loss!

What a bunch of losers! LOL! Great job everyone!

Re: Our Wt Loss!

Just think we're heading onto a 1/2 ton of lbs lost.

Just think half an elephant LOL......

Lets keep it going and hit that 1000...

Re: Our Wt Loss!

woo hoo!!!

Re: Our Wt Loss!

Tobe i always get a kick out of Your comparisons.

Re: Our Wt Loss!

count me out this week to be part of our elephant, I gained .4 which I knew i did, i felt very bloated this morning, although my food all week was on target.

next week it should come off.....

Re: Our Wt Loss!

I probably won't be contributing this week either. I don't weigh until tomorrow, but my scale has been fluctuating so much this week, who knows what tomorrow will say. Yesterday I was up 2 pounds, today I'm down 2 pounds, tomorrow I'll probably be up some kind of pounds. That just seems to be pattern. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute something to this weeks losses though. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Re: Our Wt Loss!

That **** elephant gained 0.4 lbs! How dare he/she not be perfect!
Tobe you WILL do better onyour Next weigh in!

I may not do to well, I really overdid it with mom's Bday party even though it was all program food.

**** portion control again!
**** elephant! He/she never forgets either!
But we WILL make that elephant into the size of the flee or tick on his/her back! :) It's just going to take a bit of time! But that is one thing we all have: time!

(of course unfortunately and a memory!:)

Jeanetta (JeanCat)