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OMG New FF Pringles

I just tried the new Pringles light fat free sour cream and onion chips. SOOOOOO good! Only 1 point for 14 chips. Pure heaven!

Re: OMG New FF Pringles

I've had those. They are very good. Have you tried the BBQ yet? Those are my favorite. :)

Re: OMG New FF Pringles

DO they still have that Olean in them? I have not touched a Pringle since they added that stuff to them.

i think Lay's Light uses Olean also

Re: OMG New FF Pringles

I haven't actually read the container lately but I'm pretty sure they do. Olean doesn't bother me, but I know it does bother some people.

Re: OMG New FF Pringles

The Olean doesn't bother me either, if I only eat one serving. I love them! I've only had the regular and the BBQ though. Can't wait to try the sour cream and onion!

Re: Re: OMG New FF Pringles

I lOVE the BBQ ones.
But I amnot crazy about the FF Ranch or Sour Cream, but then I am not crazy about the regular ones with those flavors either! I like the sweeter falvors.

I would love a FF Cheddar Cheese. Is this an oxymoron or what?

Love yas