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On Program Today Tues 5/8

Well this is my WI day at 9am...

I don't have a clue what the scale is going to say, I've been on target this week,no extras, but the body is a funny machine, up one hour, down the next, I haven't been playing with the scale at all..

Being I'm on my own personal goal to get another 3 lbs off, this is going to take probably forever, but thats ok, as long as I stay within my goal weight.

So again today I plan on staying on program, no extras in my mouth.
Maybe I'll be able to get on the beach after WW, as I'm going in a Bathing suit, after all this is a beach resort, and anything goes this time of year as far as dress....

Re: On Program Today Tues 5/8

good luck at wi Tobe!!!

I'm OP right behind ya! My day is planned...journaled & plan on going to the gym after work.

I'm on my first bottle of green tea

Re: On Program Today Tues 5/8

Day off work today. My Wi is late afternoon.early evening. Plan on cutting some grass IF, the lawn mower part i took to get fixed is fixed. Either that or i need to get a

Plannning,journaling and moving it!

Re: On Program Today Tues 5/8

LOL @ Akus. That's funny! Hopefully they got your part fixed. I think the other alternative would take a lot longer to get that grass trimmed down. LOL!

I'm OP today. :) I'll be sitting here on my butt all day though working, but that's just what I have to do to get things done if I want to have fun on other days. Rick informed me that we're playing golf again tomorrow, so I guess I'll get some exercise then. Hopefully my knee won't hurt by then because the golf course he's taking us to is harder for me and much hillier than the one we played at yesterday.

Re: On Program Today Tues 5/8

On program the best I can be.