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Quaker breakfast cookies

Ok, I bought another 2 boxes of oatmeal raisins at Big Lots ...first time I bought them they were $2..now I go last night..(b/c I had 1 left), and they were now $1 for a box (they expire end of May)...

My hubby likes them too, and so does Nina (my 17 month old daughter)...so woo hoo for a bargain

I still need to find the choc. chip ones!

Re: Quaker breakfast cookies

Man that is great! Who doesn't love a bargain!!!!

Re: Quaker breakfast cookies

LOL, somehow my $2.50 a box cookies do not taste as good.
We use to have a BIGLOTS here but they shut it down.

Re: Quaker breakfast cookies

are they stale????? aw!!!

(((sending you some of mine)))))

Re: Quaker breakfast cookies

I have to say that the Oatmeal Raisin are my favorite. The chocolate chip are good, but I like the others best. I usually have one for breakfast, YUMMY!

Re: Quaker breakfast cookies

SWM has em for 2.37 a box, i told my DD they didnt taste as good as when i first had em, she told me it's all in my mind LOL....better then being all on my hips

Re: Quaker breakfast cookies

Okay people! I do not know what possesed me! I believe I have told you that I bought a box and the blueberry bars as well! And I also believe I have told you taht I can not have cookies in the house as they are a RED LIGHT food (not to mention that I wwas known as the "cookie monster" in College, this was long before the SESAME street character existed I think!).

I LOVE those cookies, but I can not eat just one!

I have TJ cran blue mango bran muffin in the AM and I don't go around trying to eat the other 3 in the box! But these critters!?! NO way I have to have the LAST one!

Well I did better than in the past! I did not binge when mom was in ICU, I did not binge when they placed her in the nursing home! I did not binge when I threw the party in her room. Okay so I ate a bit more chicken than I should have, but I don't callthat a binge!

But when I opened the cookies I binged on three of them, before I stopped myself! I would have eaten all inthe box PLUS the bars, if I had not stopped myself. Okay so I stopped, but the truth is there was a whole feeling of binging and out of control. Points went out the window!

I doubt I will have a lost this week! I had a zero this week, but then TOM was here too!

RED LIGHT FOOD for me! CAN'T have it!
Man am I issedpay! (that's pig latin folks! Since I am a piggy I speak it very well!)

I thank you all for the inputon the new finds, even if I should not have them, try them or otherwise. I need to keep learning and relearning what I can and can not do.

My REACTIONS are the only thing I can change. Apparently I have not or do not wish to change my reactions to cookies or the taste or texture of cookies or perhaps the symbolic meaning of cookies.
What ever the hell the hold is on me with sweets and cookies I don't know. But I have not in 52 years been able to change this.

So for me one cookie not enough, and one cookie is one too many!

That is a 12 step approach I will have to live by for the rest of my life or until I can learn to change my reactions to cookies!

Thanks for helping me realize this once again!