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WOMAN Challenge (Gotta Love It)

Sunday May 13th kicks off National Women's Health week.

"Women and girls Out Moving Across the Nation".

There is a physical activity challenge to encourage us to increase our activity either by walking more, cleaning more, working out more. Just anything to increase our daily activity and improve our health.

They have virtual trips and you choose the one you want as well as you set your own weekly goal. They provide you with the map and the log sheets. You just report your activity once a week at the site.

I joined because I feel the need to be more active as well as push better health for women. Keep us up front!!!

I hope you will consider joining and just be a challenge to yourself to get and stay more active.

address: http://womenshealth.gov/woman/


Re: WOMAN Challenge (Gotta Love It)

Thanks Chargail! I don't have time to go check it out right now, but I will either later tonight or tomorrow. It sounds like fun. :)

Re: Re: WOMAN Challenge (Gotta Love It)

Just the thing I need!
Will check it out later!