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What I had for lunch today

If you're interested, I wrote about my lunch today at my blog (I'd post it here, but you wouldn't see the video or pictures). Here's the link...


Re: What I had for lunch today

sounds mysterious I have to go and check you out.


Re: What I had for lunch today

That salad looks yumm..

I have to go find it, but we dont have any SWM here not yet anyway

I'm sure the supermarket carries it... but for sure it won't be 2.50
Anyway I need more Saran Wrap, my wonderful Jeni got ahold of a 200 foot roll and had a ball with it.

I couldn't save it, she shredded both ends, good puppy that she is, and this week she ate a remote from the TV in my bedroom.
lets see what else did she do, oh yes, she got a good pair of gold hoop earring, demolished one.. again shes a good puppy...

I can't wait until she grows up...


Re: What I had for lunch today

LOL! I don't know about the growing up part. Riley will be 2 years old on September 21st and he still gets ahold of stuff from time to time (actually I think he's got us trained to give him a treat because he brings me stuff he isn't supposed to have and sits there holding it in his mouth until we bribe him with a treat to let it go). LOL! When he was a puppy I called him a land shark (that's putting it nicely... most days he was the puppy from hell). LOL! Ever single one of my remote controls have bite marks in them and so did most of my shirts as well as my skin. I still have a scar on my left wrist from his tiny little sharp teeth (he plays too rough). Luckily his adult teeth aren't as sharp. I won't even begin to tell you about all of the socks and underwear he's pulled out of the laundry and eaten. Why he chooses those things, I don't know but it's disgusting! He still does it so I had to start putting those things in a different place. Earlier today he came trotting in with one of Rick's socks in his mouth (Rick must have left them on the floor on his side of the bed when he got home from work this morning). So, I had to bribe Riley to give me the sock. Next, Rick left to get an oil change and he left the bedroom door open. Riley came into my office with a mouth full of index cards that I had laying on the night stand next to my side of the bed (from where I've been making notes from the Beck Diet Solution book). Off to get a chicken treat we went. LOL! It's never ending really. I just hope your puppy grows out of it. I'll admit, Riley is much better than he use to be, but he really tires me out from time to time. LOL!