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T-Shirts Are Available Now

The T-Shirt Page is now up on my site. Please if you see any mistakes, let me know. I've got each shirt opening in a new window because I don't know how to get you back to the page from the store (so if you have a pop up blocker on you may need to turn it off to view the stores). As always, any comments questions, feedback, hate it, love it is welcome. LOL! Here's the link....


I'm going to bed now. I have to weigh in tomorrow and I want to get some of this Beck Diet Solution book read before my mind starts getting fuzzy so I can write about it in my blog tomorrow. :) Goodnight!

Oh Tobe.... I'll get the progress chart updated tomorrow night. Thanks!!!

Re: T-Shirts Are Available Now


I will be working on a Cafe Express for my pharm site . I found it via a member who sells pharm stuff too!

Hope it works out for you!


Re: T-Shirts Are Available Now

Thanks! Let me know when your store is up. I'd like to check it out and see what it looks like. :)

Re: T-Shirts Are Available Now

nice job Aimee, all the shirts look great.

Theres one that really caught my eye, "Change"
thats a great shirt and mug to give as a gift, for my other 12 step Recovery program. Thats a saying we use also...

I will be ordering...

Re: T-Shirts Are Available Now

lots of cool stuff! I'm gonna hold out 12 more lbs. and get the 100lb shirt, i cant wait! I can't wait to get my cookbooks either! as i've said before, i'm a caterer, and your recipes really suprized me, they actually taste good and are so simple, not like those in cooking light or WW magazine, and i do enough complicated stuff, i love simple. kudos to you!

Re: T-Shirts Are Available Now

i can't wait for payday next week!!!
love my new cookbooks..and I can't wait to order tshirts!!!

Re: T-Shirts Are Available Now

I just placed an order for two shirts,
For myself I got the skimpy spagetti strap in yellow, with the change logo on it.

A friend of mine has a bday coming up in June and I ordered her the change logo t-shirt in green,,

I'm thrilled theres colors and not just that drab white or gray...

I also love that One Step at a Time...

I plan on ordering more..... LOL