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On Porgram today Wednesday 5/9

That bloat feeling I had yesterday is gone!!! that was misberable...

Today looks like a beach day, and I am so there, I have a noon commitment in another program, but I'm going to put that off, and stay on the beach.

I bought a hot new bathing suit yesterday, color bright orangey red, 2 pc, (tankini) maybe today will be the day of me wearing it...

I'll bring my 3 pt wrap and a cup of watermelon with me, and lots of water, to stay on track, and get myself into a book I started reading last weekend.

So today I plan on a wise food day, and on program.

Re: On Porgram today Wednesday 5/9

Good Morning!

I'm jealous that you're getting to spend the day on the beach! That's the life! OP so far today - I haven't eaten anything yet. For breakfast I'm planning 2 pcs lite toast (1 pt) WW yogurt (1pt) and I have some fresh strawberries for a mid morning snack. Lunch will probably be my boring baked sweet potato and green beans (it's easy to heat up for work)and I'm getting some much needed veggies in me! Have to start thinking about dinner for me and the family.

Re: On Porgram today Wednesday 5/9

Good Mornin'

I'm right behind ya being OP today...its my "light" day ...I weigh in after work....

Re: On Porgram today Wednesday 5/9

Good luck Linda!!!!

Re: On Porgram today Wednesday 5/9

Doing plant foods today except for some salmon.


Re: On Porgram today Wednesday 5/9

I couldn't find the thread where we were supposed to post our results from Wednesday's WW weigh-in. Am I just missing it?