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Day #12 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

Day #12...Practice Hunger Tolerance...

We are going to learn to tolerate hunger....
'When people who struggle with dieting get hungry, they often feel hunger pangs intensely. The sensations can feel like an emergency. All thier attention gets focused on how uncomfortable they feel-and when and where they can get food. They begin to think they won't be able to stand feeling that way.'
'It's important to learn that you can tolerate hunger..Once you convince yourself of this, hunger won't seem like such a big deal. When you're hungry but it's not time for a meal or a snack, you'll be able to say to yourself, Oh, well, I wish I could eat now, but it's okay..I can wait.'
'You'll then be able to turn your attention to other things, and the hunger pangs will gradually diminish.' This would be a good exercise for all of us to try...just to tell ourselves, we can wait until our next meal and we will be ok...We may feel a little panic in having to wait, tho...We all know that some poeple who have fasted for a week or more and have not died...What makes us feel like we can't be late for a meal or heaven forbid, skip a meal. Now I'm not saying we should skip a meal, I'm just saying maybe we eat more by the time on the clock than how hungry or even if we are hungry....I have to admit, I'm a clock watcher....I guess that is a carry over when you fed the baby every 3 hrs. or so....guess I never got that out of my head...You all know my youngest is, "Aimee".....Guess I just need to practice on waiting to see if I really get hungry and to what degree I feel hunger.
I think mostly what they were telling us in this chapter...we don't have to just grab and eat..we should hold out sometimes and see how our hunger will progress..Will it keep getting worse if we don't eat...will we get side tracked thinking of something else and maybe the hunger will go away..If we keep doing this over and over..., this will make us a much stronger person...This would be a great help on our weight loss journey....

Tomorrow...Day #13...Overcome Cravings.....

Re: Day #12 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

Hey! Where's day #13???

Re: Day #12 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

I will post tomorrow night...Had computer problems one night and last night I was having a little trouble seeing the book...Trying a new ointment in my eyes...have you ever tried to see through ointment????

Re: Day #12 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

Dear Patty,

I was pretty much the opposite before WW --- I would NOT eat at meal times. I would go all day and night until the 20th hour to eat then eat what ever was around or in sight. That meant usually PB and Jelly sandwiches, cookies, left over foods from resturants etc, then I would gorge on the weekends on what ever and when ever I wanted.

My doctor put me on 3 meals and 2 snacks a day to level out my sugar and keep me from getting light headed.
Not until I went to WW did it 'click' and I then began sticking to the '5 eats a day' plan. I do much better when I plan the three meals and two snacks. When life got really hectic last week, I forgot to do this and went back to going most of the day without eating and eating a good healthy meal but larger portions. I gained 5 pounds! Yep in one week.

But I am here to say that NOW I watch the clock on purpose to make sure that I eat. I can also say that I can go many many hours without eating IF I stay busy. So IF I can do it anyone can!

So I do believe that most WW'ers need to follow the lets see if we are hungry plan of Beck's Diet. I happen to be one who has to eat and easily goes without (only to gorge later). So I have to force my meals and snacks!

NOW here is where my problem is: ONCE I begin to eat I am not satisfied. I have to learn the hunger zone is dangerous, the satisfied feeling is just right and I KNOW ALL TOO WELL the STUFFED feeling. So for me it is about CUSTOMIZING this BECK'S Day 12 to ME for finding the hunger to eat, the satisfaction feeling to STOP eating and NEVER feel stuffed!

Thanks for taking the time and effort to post the Beck's Daily Lesson. It means a lot to me and I SEEK it out daily!