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On Program today Tuesday May 22

Yes another on a planned program.

I'm off to the scale in a few hours, thats my first stop, then probably off for a walk in the park again..

THis afternoon I'm heading to a friends for dinner, they know I'm on WW so I'm sure they won't put any stuff out, that will tempt me.

I think I'm past temptation, so far as other occasions went, I was able to walk away from the sugar stuff.
THats a great feeling knowing that I'm able to not get swooped into the temptation.. thats a big word for me, but with alot of meaning, and as long as I can keep myself in control, half my battle is won.

So today I'll stay that winner!!!

Re: On Program today Tuesday May 22

Way to go Tobe, nice to read what you/others accomplish, so i can say, Oh i can do that to!!

OP and earning AP's 24/7 today

Re: On Program today Tuesday May 22

I'm OP today. I have weigh in tomorrow so I'm hoping to lose what I gained last week plus a little more. :)

Re: On Program today Tuesday May 22

I'm OP w/ya!
I weigh in tomorrow..so we'll see!!

I'm off to the gym after work for some cardio.