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progress chart

Well I finally did it after months and months of threatening, I smashed my scale. I jumped up and down on it in true 3 year old style until it made pinging noises and would no longer weigh anything. I'm tired of getting on there and seeing double digit gains no matter what I do. I'm not sure if it really was the scale's fault or some bizarre problem with me. I am just simply tired of hating myself every single morning So it's in the trash, and I don't know if I'll ever buy another scale. With that said, you may want to take me off the chart because I don't know when or if I'll ever weigh myself again.

Re: progress chart

I can certainly relate! As a daily (or more often!) "weigher" for the past 4+ years, I've finally had it with my scale as well. Last week I tossed in under my bed behind my storage bin so that I have to get down on my hands and knees to reach it. The sense of relief I feel at not facing it daily is incredible! I'm still going to weigh in on the gym scale once per week but it's a legit doctor's scale that doesn't tend to fluctuate with the hour, the tides, whatever. Even if it was out of frustration, I think you did the right thing for yourself. Take a week off from the scale entirely, then when you've had some time to regroup, maybe you can find something else that works for you. Do you go to WW meetings? Or have access to a scale such as one in a gym? Or maybe you can have a trusted friend weigh you once per month. IMHO, daily weigh-ins are unnecessary and potentially counter-productive but you don't want to find yourself in a position where you're avoiding the scale as a means of avoiding a real gain. Keep journaling, staying active and posting and you'll be golden. Best of luck to you!

Re: progress chart

you are NOT alone w/this topic.
I was the same way...until about 3 weeks ago I asked my husband to take the scale & put it somewhere where I can't find it.
I would literally weigh myself constantly,and it got frustrating & discouraging.
Now I only weigh in on Wed. nights at my WW meeting.
It was hard ..and it still is...not weighing myself at home.
But don't get discouraged, and don't give up.

Do you attend WW weekly meetings?


Re: progress chart

Are you sure you really want to be removed from the chart? I can understand your frustration with the scale, we all get that way, but to just not weigh yourself at all can be rather dangerous. I know from experience. I stopped weighing myself and kept gaining and gaining. I knew I had gained, but I wasn't aware of just how many pounds I was packing on in such a little amount of time. When I did finally weigh myself I was shocked to see how much I had gained. That was WAY more depressing than seeing some small gains along the way. What if you just went somewhere else and weighed yourself once a week? At least it would help to keep you accountable. Take some time to think it over, and if you still want to be removed from the chart, let me know and I'll comply with your wishes. In the meantime, just keep journaling and trying to do your best.

Re: progress chart

I am so laughing with you!!! I call my scale Lucy as in Lucifer!!! but I agree with Aimee you should still weigh once a week if you are trying to lose. I played the game where I weighed in at ww's meeting but didnt look.. so when I finally did guess what?? I WAS UP 12 POUNDS!! I wanted to die..and guess what else, the first week I did that I had actually lost. So that would have changed my whole perspective, I guess I thought if I dont look it wont be real. I think you need a new scale..you cant be gaining double digits all the time. You would be able to tell.

Re: progress chart

Yup Amanda we've all been where you are, so therefore, your not unique at all..

Sounds to me as if your doing this WW program alone, how about trying to get yourself to WW meetings weekly, get to really know the program, and sit among people just like us..who all have the same goal and thats to lose weight.

I know for myself, i can't do this alone, I've made goal a gang of times, thought I can do this, and didn't go back to WW, the old habit of eating came back as if I've never been on WW'ers...
I vowed this time around, no matter what I was going to my meeting every tues, even if that means giving up a day on the beach, which is my most favorite place to be..

Today's a warm sunny day, and I just came in from WW.
a little sacrafice on my part isn't a big deal.I think I'm worth going to any lengths to keep the weight down, and so are YOU............

Keep trying, don't quit...

Heres something I have hanging over my computer its long but I'll just share the first part with you.

Don't QUit.

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will
When the road your truding seems all uphill
When the funds are low. and the debts are high
And you want to smile. but you have to sigh
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest, if you must but don't YOU QUIT.......

Keep coming back Amamda........

Re: progress chart

Oh my goodness this must have been the week for scale homicide! LOL

Sunday morning I got up and decided that life is too short to have this blasted mechanical thing call the shots about how I was going to feel that day. At 7:30am I asked my husband to help me and we put the scale under the tire of my minivan and I DROVE over it - TWICE!! I smashed it until it was no more!

I truly believe that weight is important, but there are so many indicators of what is healthy and so many things factor into what the scale registers. I decided that I will still follow the WW plan as far as points go and the 8HGs, I still will Move It (smiling at Tammy now) each day, because that is healthy too, but other than that, I will judge my weight on how my clothes fit and how I feel. I told my husband that a scale will never enter our house again and he was very supportive. I must say that I felt a real sense of freedom by doing this. Maybe there is something to that nondiet mentality - within reason, of course? I would be interested in what everyone else thinks too...

Hang in there Amanda, you are so not alone!!


Re: progress chart

wow Uki!! i had my hubby hide our scale..but i won't have him run over it...LOL! that is so true though, sometimes it just gets too us like that.

Re: progress chart

LOL! I would have loved to have been your neighbor and looked out my window to see you rolling over the scale a couple of times. That had to be a site! Actually, seeing Amanda jump up and down on hers might have been a funny thing to see too. Amanda wins activity points though because she had to jump up and down to destroy hers.

Re: progress chart

Oh... sorry I was so busy laughing that I forgot to say...
I got to thinking about it, and although not weighing in doesn't work for me, if it works for you guys, then I say give it a try. It's all about what works for each of us, so go for it. :)

Re: progress chart

lol for earning the ap's! aimee you crack me up! LOL

i hear ya..whatever works for everyone...but lets NOT QUIT

Re: progress chart

In the end, there is only one thing that holds You accountable.No scale, no clothes, nothing.

In the end it is always, Y O U.

Re: progress chart

ROFL AP's actually you know I was totally thinking that a while ago. What a workout.

You're all right and you all have some great advice. I'm not giving up. I know all too well how I need to eat, and I have no desire to stop doing that. I know that if I continue to eat like this and work out, I'll lose weight. It is just going to take time, and not much I can do will make it go any faster.

So I'm making a goal out of doing things that I can control a bit more. I want to get fit enough to be able to pass the Marines physical fitness test. Not because I want to join, just because I want to know I can do it. So that along with how my clothes fit will be my measuring tools.

However, it seems that someone else in my family has been looking for an excuse to buy a good digital, and it seems that I'll have a replacement scale in a few days. I want to try to avoid it. I simply can not take the blows to my ego anymore. Easier said than done though.

Uki...running it over bwahahahahaha good for you!

Re: progress chart

Well I am a proponent of weighing at least once a day or once a week.
I have a problem WITH my scale this week and last. It is not 'stable'. I changed the batteries etc, but I need a new one I guess. So while I really did gain this week and while I have weird numbers showing on the scale at home I do agree it can play havoc on our ego. Worse with a good perceived loss I can use this as a great excuse pig out a bit!

Each of us have to find our 'safe' zone with foods, scales etc.

People places and THINGS can get to us!

I actually could SEE you jumping up and down and could hear the PING! This is what I have wanted to do with my scale that needs a replacement!

So ...here we go in the market for scales. Any one have recommendations? I have a Taylor for fat analysis. 2 yrs old.


Re: progress chart

I must weigh in daily or I'd be able to gain 7+ pounds in a week. For me, the daily thing addresses very quickly my need to stop eating!

Re: progress chart

I agree with you..I know I have to weigh every morning..that keeps me on track more than anything else...I have been at goal 5 years now...I give the a.m. credit...for helping me stay there...