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Hi everyone, I've been toying with the idea of getting a new message board. One where we would have categories that we could post under instead of all of it just being on one page like it is now. It would look much like the one Pam has on her site from halfmysize.com here's a link to check it out...


With the new message board, you would have to create a user name and log in to post, but you could have avatars and such under your name. I could also make sections dedicated to certain topics like weigh in posts for Tobe, Tammy's move it, Jeancats finds, Patty's Beck Diet Solution posts, Akus' Just for today posts, etc. Take a look and let me know if it's something you'd be interested in, or if you'd rather I just keep the message board I currently have. If you want the new board and I can figure out how to build it, then I'll do it. I just want to see what you all think about it before I make any changes since this is your board too.

Re: New Message Board

Yup I vote YES...........

This way we can go into each and every catagory instead of looking all around, the Just for today is getting very long, along with Tammy's move it... I think one of them has two pages already.....

I say go for it Aimee.... good idea.........

Theres another site I go on, and I go only into the threads that interest me.... and relate to me.

Re: New Message Board

I think that is a wonderful idea!! I agree that some of the ongoing posts are lengthy and we have several that are daily threads and a lot of us post on those. As usual, Aimee, you are on the ball!!


Re: New Message Board

i'm ok w/either one

Re: New Message Board

I think that is a great Idea!!

Re: New Message Board

I vote for new, but only if it's not too much work for you Aimee.

Re: New Message Board

I vote yes! Aimee, your message board, your site, your blogs are awesome.

Re: New Message Board

I totally agree with Sharon! Only if it's not too much work for you, Aimee!

Re: New Message Board

Ok then, I'll look into the new board. I haven't signed up yet so I'm not sure how involved it is to set up. I found another message board yesterday that is similar to the first one I was looking at, so I'll probably sign up for both and then see which one is easier. I know HTML pretty well, but how involved each one is will determine which one I'll go with. I probably won't get to it for a week or two anyway. Rick starts his vacation tomorrow and then we're going to Michigan Tuesday and Wednesday next week. So let me work on it and I'll give ya fair warning when it's done before I take the current board down. I'll probably put a link to the old board from the new board too since I won't be able to move the messages over to it.

Re: New Message Board

Yes I prefer it. It is easier to search for a topic.
Also topics do not get lost.
Can we keep the current posts?
Do yo need help to do so?

Jean Cat

Re: New Message Board

As of right now, I think the only way to keep any current posts would be to come back into this message board and copy the messages, then paste them over at the new board. You could certainly come and do that for your "Jeancat's Finds" posts, this way they'd all still be together. Same goes for any other subject that anyone else wants to save. We'll cross that road when the new forum is up though. Like I said, it will be a week or two probably (more like two).

Re: New Message Board

I think everyone with a thread should do this!
I have two or three threads. I will try to save the individual posts too.
Finds not many
Favorites not many
This weeks topics a few

In this way we will not loose what we have already accomplished.

Has the change already been made?

When is the last day we can use this site?

Did I miss something? Do you already have a site?

Re: New Message Board

The Just for Today's post dont seem to move as much as "what exercises did You do today". Maybe cause i posted alot in that thread lol, or accounted for 3/4 of the over 700 views. I started that thread to basically share what i was doing with AP.

Re: Re: New Message Board

Oy Boy! I don't expect you to save all of the 'what exercises did you do today' thread posts. But we can save a few. And in addition I believe it will continue to be the most read thread. So that will be a great 'folder' unto itself!

Very informative and motivating.

That is one of the threads that I did not want to read, refused to read, but kept calling me to read when I first came her. I owe much to you for this! Thank you! Subliminally it worked!:) I became a member in mid to late March. I began walking in early May! So what does that say? My only posts were I hate exercise and I have not moved yet. And suddenly....

So I implore you not to give up the thread! If it helped me it will and has helped others. Don't worry about saving all of it. Save a few of your favorites and some testimonials. That will help with the new comers to the site.

Thanks for your thread! If you need help saving anything let me know.

(Of course this is only if AIMEE decides to make a move. She may decide to keep this site.)

Re: New Message Board

Sounds like a great idea. I appreciate all you do Aaimee. You are such an encouragement!

Re: New Message Board

A great message board site is www.proboards.com just FYI ;)