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Mindless eating

Today I found myself eating my favorite breakfast mindlessly. I was sitting in my bed no less, (my back is still out...still dealing with positions and pain) eating my 1 pt banana bran muffin (Aimees receipe)warmed with light ICBINC spread watching one of those morning programs (Good Morning America I think) and I realized- I'm not really watching TV and I'm not really tasting what I'm eating!
I said "What the hell is wrong with you!!! You live to eat! You go to bed knowing you will get more points when you wake up! This is supposed to be pleasurable!!!"
It's been bugging me all day. I can't figure out if I have starting eating to live, because for most of my life I have NEVER eaten breakfast. I've always had coffee and lots of it. OR is it back to the old eating patterns of shoveling food into my face, not even comprehending what I'm doing. The latter is what I'm afraid of.
I have a morning routine that I complete every day, no exceptions. Wake up, pee, get on the scale. (Really cracked up at Amanda's earlier scale post.)Well, for me the scale keeps me honest. I only weigh once at that time each day because I know weight fluctuates through out the day.
Okay back to mindless eating... does anyone else find themselves doing this? Or is each bite important, meaningful even? Sorry to ramble, any thoughts?

Re: Mindless eating

I associate mindless eating with empty calories. Where i just pop things(anything) into my mouth.-or- Standing in front of the refrig, door wide open, munching.-or- Making a recipe and tasting. Shoving a sandwich in my mouth and not remember eating the first half. etc etc But when i started the thread, "Just for Today" I did on day, *Chew, swallow and then TAKE another bite*, it really only took me one day to incorporate that in my daily meal times. I do still have to remind myself to do it.
BTW there is a book out called, "Mindless Eating".

Re: Mindless eating

Hi, Sharon. I can totally identify with the eating in bed thing. That's how my weight got way out of control this time. I would tune out of life, turn on the t.v. and eat everything I could find. When I'm watching t.v. i have no concept of whatjunk and empty calories go into my mouth,( until I would see the empty bag of potato chips or chocolate or coldcuts or buttered popcorn or cheese, etc, etc, etc,...) and the pounds just piled on. That's why i've made a new rule to NEVER eat in my bedroom again. i try really hard to only eat sitting at a table, with a napkin, a knife, fork and spoon, and concentrate on enjoying the taste and texture of each bite. It's amazing how small amounts of food can be completely satisfying when enjoyed this way- deliberately. Good luck, LouAnne

Re: Mindless eating

Thats one place I never got into the habit of eating,
oops thats a fib, I would take baked chips into bed, thinking my girl Maggie needed a few chips. ha, what stinky thinking, my poor dog was starting to gain some weight with my thinking...

now we take nothing into the bedroom to watch Tv, except my body and her 4 legs... LOL.......

I try to have a concious mind during my waking hours, and structure and plan where and when I injest food..

Re: Mindless eating

Thanks ladies for the imput. I totally agree that part of the problem might be that I was in the bedroom. I vow to NEVER eat in the bedrom again. And like Akus, I am going to chew, taste and enjoy each bite of food for TODAY, at least. And it may actually continue for more than one day! LOL.

Have a great OP day! I will. The scale made me smile this morning and I intend to keep that smile on my face until my weigh in tomorrow!

Re: Mindless eating

There is actually a book out by Brian Wansink Ph.D called Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. My WW leader raves about it. I haven't bought it yet, but there are some interesting facts posted out on the books website - www.mindlesseating.org. The book is on my summer reading list!

Re: Mindless eating

Seems to me that this topic by a different name was about 1 - 3 weeks ago at my WW meeting. It was about a person who eats in front of TV and what can he/she do differently. Move, do a jig saw puzzle, call a friend, get online, eat in a different place.
Also we discussed this with Beck's.
Amazing how our discussions on this board are so similar to the books and meetings.
I have had the same problem from time to time.

I am going to try to use gum too! Trident Bubble gum!